Method for melting nonferrous metal

Method for melting nonferrous metal

  • CN 105,593,388 B
  • Filed: 10/02/2014
  • Issued: 01/12/2021
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/04/2013
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1. A non-ferrous metal melting method using a non-ferrous metal melting furnace, the non-ferrous metal melting furnace comprising:

  • a heating chamber for heating the melt to raise and keep the temperature of the melt;

    a vortex chamber which communicates with the temperature rise chamber and which impregnates and melts the charged nonferrous metal materials by a vortex flow;

    in the non-ferrous metal melting furnace, the molten metal in the temperature rising chamber is supplied to the vortex chamber by a circulation pump, the molten metal discharged from the vortex chamber is returned to the temperature rising chamber,the vortex chamber comprises;

    an outer peripheral wall provided in a state in which a flow path for supplying the melt from the temperature raising chamber side is secured, and forming a space inside the outer peripheral wall;

    a container which is disposed at the center inside the outer peripheral wall, has an upper opening and a lower tapered wall forming a substantially inverted conical shape;

    a shoal portion between the container and the outer peripheral wall, provided in a ring shape to surround an outer periphery of the container;

    a weir provided to stand on an outer periphery of an upper surface of the container, to space the container from the shoal, and having an upper surface higher than a bottom of the shoal;

    setting an entering direction of the flow path so that the flow path directly communicates with the shoal portion at a position shifted toward a horizontal direction from a central axis direction extending in an up-down direction of the container so that the melt circulates at the shoal portion and a part of the melt passes over the weir portion to enter into the container to form a vortex,it is characterized in that the preparation method is characterized in that,as the nonferrous metal material, an undried bulk nonferrous metal material having a size not completely immersed in the shoal portion where the melt circulates is used.

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