Light and simple millet cultivation technology

Light and simple millet cultivation technology

  • CN 105,638,346 A
  • Filed: 01/11/2016
  • Published: 06/08/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/11/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a millet light and simple cultivation technique, it is characterised in that:

  • comprise the steps;

    1. fertilising with wholelyFertilizer is uniformly spread fertilizer over the fields in earth'"'"'s surface, ploughs deeply soil 25�

    35cm afterwards, receipts of raking immediately moisture in the soil;

    In described fertilizer;

    farm manure consumption is 1000�

    1500kg/ mu, the calcium superphosphate of available phosphorus content 18wt% selected by phosphate fertilizer, and consumption is 30�

    35kg/ mu, and the potassium sulfate of effective potassium content 51wt% selected by potash fertilizer, and consumption is 18�

    23kg/ mu;

    Seed-grain consumption is 0.4�

    0.6kg/ mu, sows, depth of planting 3�

    5cm after it being mixed with bean cake 1;

    1 in mass ratio;

    3. topdressImpose carbamide 14�

    18kg/ mu in elongation-heading stage, and pour water immediately;

    4. gather in the cropsAfter millet maturation, millet harvester is adopted to carry out mechanized harvest.

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