Preparation method of special insulating coating for high-voltage electric wires

Preparation method of special insulating coating for high-voltage electric wires

  • CN 105,670,416 A
  • Filed: 03/25/2016
  • Published: 06/15/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/25/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the preparation method of a high-tension bus-bar special isolation coating, it is characterised in that described coatings includes the raw material of following parts by weight:

  • polyflon 40-45 part;

    Vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate resin 35-39 part;

    Modifying epoxy resin by organosilicon 30-34 part;

    Normal hexane diisocyanate 25-30 part;

    TDE 23-25 part;

    Acrylate-styrene bipolymer-vinyl acetate terpolymer 14-17 part;

    Styrene 10-12 part;

    Waterglass 3-5 part;

    Tungsten carbide 2-4 part;

    CNT 6-9 part;

    Nano-sized magnesium hydroxide 3-6 part;

    Glycerol 5-6 part;

    Hydroxyethyl cellulose 7-8 part;

    Polyvinyl alcohol 8-10 part;

    Butyl acetate 2-3 part;

    Titanium dioxide 0.5-1 part;

    Organic modified bentonite 1.2-1.5 part;

    Deionized water 60-80 part;

    Described preparation method comprises the steps;

    (1) according to described parts by weight, tungsten carbide, organic modified bentonite, titanium dioxide are delivered to ball mill, it is milled to the powder that particle diameter is more than 300 orders, then by powder and waterglass mix and blend, the speed of 100-150r/min stirs 40-50 minute, is uniformly mixing to obtain mixture;

    (2) then successively polyflon, vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate resin, modifying epoxy resin by organosilicon, normal hexane diisocyanate, TDE, Acrylate-styrene bipolymer-vinyl acetate terpolymer, deionized water are put in reactor, wherein reactor keeps steady temperature 80-100 DEG C, mixing and stirring, mixing speed 300-350r/min, mixing time 40-60 minute, following reaction still room temperature stood 4-6 hour;

    (3) in reactor, then add the mixture that other raw material remaining and step (1) prepare, mixing speed 450-500r/min, be sufficiently stirred for 45-60 minute, stir rear blowing and gone out still, prepared fireproof coating product.

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