Process for production of B avermectins and cultures therefor

Process for production of B avermectins and cultures therefor

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  • Filed: 01/22/1988
  • Issued: 09/27/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/23/1987
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1. preparation has the method for the avermectin B of following formula, Represent that at the dotted line of 22-23 position two keys can exist or not exist selectively, have only R when being singly-bound between the 22-23 position in the formula 1Just exist and be hydroxyl, R 2Be have 4 of following formula '"'"'-(α

  • -L-olea glycosyl)-α

    -L-olea glycosyloxy base;

    R 3Be hydrogen;

    And R is;


    The 3-cyclohexenyl;

    The 1-cyclopentenyl;

    4-methylene radical cyclohexyl;

    4,4-difluoro cyclohexyl;

    The 2-thienyl;

    The 3-thienyl;

    The 4-THP trtrahydropyranyl;

    The 3-furyl;

    The 3-tetrahydro-thienyl;

    4-tetrahydrochysene sulfo-pyranyl;

    1-methyl fourth-3-thiazolinyl;

    1-methyl thio-ethyl;


    The 2-cyclopentenyl;

    The 2-furyl;

    The 2-tetrahydrofuran base;

    1-methyl fourth-3-alkynyl;


    The 2-THP trtrahydropyranyl;

    The 3-THP trtrahydropyranyl;

    2-tetrahydrochysene sulfo-pyranyl,This method is included in the moisture nutritional medium of the definition formula R-COOH acid as above that contains absorbable nitrogenous source, carbon source and inorganic salt and a kind of wherein R, make to lack side chain 2-oxoacid dehydrogenase activity and avermectin B and change O-methylase bacterial strain active and that in the presence of isopropylformic acid or 2-Methyl Butyric Acid, produce the deinsectization streptomycete (Streptomyces avermitilis) of natural avermectin B and carry out aerobic fermentation, isolate said avermectin B then by fermentation energy.

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