Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve

  • CN 105,696,262 A
  • Filed: 07/11/2013
  • Published: 06/22/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/11/2013
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. an electromagnetic valve, described electromagnetic valve is used on jet mixer, jet mixer is mainly made up of ejector (1), electromagnetic valve (2), blender (3), ejector adopts venturi principle to make, in ejector endoporus, the narrowest position is provided with more than one charging hole (11) and detection hole (12), and detection hole is connected with pressure transducer;

  • Each charging hole (11) is connected with an electromagnetic valve;

    The water inlet end of described blender (3) is connected with the water side of ejector (2);

    Described pressure transducer is connected with control system with electromagnetic valve, it is characterized in that;

    described electromagnetic valve (2) is mainly made up of valve body (21), valve ball (22), spring (23) and solenoid (24), the feeding-passage (25) being provided with through along the axis of valve body, feeding-passage (25) is taper, one end of feeding-passage (25) is threaded connection with the charging hole (11) on ejector, and the other end is communicated with hopper by spigot joint (26);

    The diameter of described valve ball is less than the cone bottom diameter of feeding-passage, more than the vertex of a cone diameter of feeding-passage;

    Being provided with coil bore at feeding-passage and valve body, coil bore is provided with installing port in valve body surface, and described installing port is the annular opening boring bottom outer wall around feeding-passage, and solenoid enters coil bore from installing port and is enclosed within feeding-passage outer wall;

    Valve ball and spring is filled in from one end at the bottom of the cone of feeding-passage successively feeding-passage, more spigot joint (26) are connected with the cone bottom of feeding-passage, make spigot joint holddown spring, valve ball is pressed to the vertex of a cone end of feeding-passage, block feeding-passage;

    Described spigot joint (26) are provided with the back-up ring matched with installing port, after the spigot joint cone bottom with feeding-passage is connected, and the clogging installing port of back-up ring, solenoid is fixed in coil bore;

    It is provided with agitator in described blender, the water flowed into from ejector and detergent is stirred mixing, reinjects in washing tub;

    The cone bottom inwall of described feeding-passage is provided with draw-in groove, and described spigot joint outer wall is provided with the bayonet socket matched, and both are connected together。

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