Incineration treatment method for wastes

Incineration treatment method for wastes

  • CN 105,698,177 A
  • Filed: 03/14/2016
  • Published: 06/22/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/14/2016
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1. garbage burning processing method, it is characterised in that:

  • use following incineration treatment of garbage unit;

    Described incineration treatment of garbage unit, including incinerator and emission-control equipment, incinerator includes body of heater, burner hearth and fire bars, and fire bars is arranged in body of heater middle and lower part, and fire bars is combined into the truncated conical shape that middle high periphery is low;

    Burner hearth is below fire bars, and burner hearth is provided with flame device;

    Flame device is arranged to connect the fire tube that send of the outer burner of body of heater, and connects the outer muffler of body of heater;

    Fire bars is arranged below the fuel gas exhaust mouth drawn for gas after burning;

    Fire bars is provided above gas collecting apparatus, and gas collecting apparatus connects the outer muffler of body of heater, and muffler bottom arranges captation;

    Emission-control equipment is made up of gas fractionation unit and the one-level plasma treatment appts being sequentially connected with by pipeline, two grades of plasma treatment appts and device for catalytic treatment;

    The fuel gas exhaust mouth of incinerator accesses gas fractionation unit, after smoke exhaust pipe is connected to device for catalytic treatment;

    Concrete method step includes;

    1) in incinerator, rubbish is added;

    2) close fuel gas exhaust mouth, open muffler air-introduced machine;

    3) in the outer burner of body of heater, add fuel, igniting, open pressure fan by flame by sending fire tube to send into flame device;

    4) treat that drying garbage to the muffler bottom in incinerator does not have water droplet to enter captation;

    In the process along with rubbish is increasingly drier and rubbish is lighted, turn the air output of the firepower in burner and pressure fan down;

    5) rubbish self-burning in incinerator is appointed;

    In the normal situation of incineration firing situation, burner is stopped working, or when rubbish can not normal combustion, by burner mend fire;

    6) reach, after fully burning, to close muffler air-introduced machine, open fuel gas exhaust mouth, open emission-control equipment in incinerator until rubbish;

    7) until the incineration firing in incinerator is complete, shutdown。

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