Method for measuring transfer rate of cigarette saponins additive in main stream smoke

Method for measuring transfer rate of cigarette saponins additive in main stream smoke

  • CN 105,699,305 A
  • Filed: 01/29/2016
  • Published: 06/22/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/29/2016
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1. Medicated cigarette soaping agents additive assay method of the rate of transform in main flume, it is characterised in that:

  • 1) cigarette selects;

    choose the cigarette that with the addition of soaping agents additive as cigarette laboratory sample;

    2) trial-production cigarette shreds pre-treatment;

    taking the tobacco shred that with the addition of soaping agents additive and as tobacco shred laboratory sample and be placed in 250ml conical flask, add 100ml water, ultrasonic extraction 30-60min obtains tobacco shred laboratory sample extract;

    3) trapping of trial-production cigarette smoke and pre-treatment;

    Utilize 92mm specification cambridge filter that main flume is trapped after smoking machine burns and sucks by GB/T19609-2004 standard cigarette laboratory sample, reclaim filter disc, it is placed in 250ml conical flask, adds 100ml water, after ultrasonic extraction 30-60min, obtain cigarette laboratory sample treatment fluid;

    4) chromatographic column separates;

    With the syringe of 10ml as chromatography pipe, insert the D101 macroporous resin of 2-4cm and the neutral alumina of 0.5-1.5cm, first wash post with volumetric concentration 75% alcoholic solution, discard eluent, then wash post with deionized water, discard eluent and obtain chromatographic column;

    The cigarette laboratory sample treatment fluid of 1.0ml, tobacco shred laboratory sample extract is added respectively in each chromatographic column, again respectively with the water elution of 20-30ml, discard eluent, again with the volumetric concentration 75% alcoholic solution eluting Saponin of 20-30ml, effluent is collected in evaporating dish, be placed in the water-bath of 60 DEG C volatilize cigarette laboratory sample volatilizes solvent, tobacco shred laboratory sample volatilizes solvent;

    5) drafting of standard curve;

    The standard solution of preparation Saponin, detects each standard solution spectrophotography, and draws the standard curve of this Saponin according to testing result;

    6) colour developing;

    Volatilize solvent at cigarette laboratory sample respectively, tobacco shred laboratory sample volatilizes and adds the vanillin glacial acetic acid solution that 0.2ml mass concentration is 5% in the evaporating dish of solvent, rotate evaporating dish, residue is dissolved, add 0.8ml perchloric acid, move in tool plug test tube after mixing, 60 DEG C of heating in water bath 5-15min take out, after ice-water bath cooling, add 5ml glacial acetic acid, shake up, measure its absorbance under 560nm respectively, by comparison standard curve, obtain the content of Total saponin in cigarette laboratory sample, tobacco shred laboratory sample;

    7) rate of transform calculates;

    be calculated as follows the gypenoside rate of transform in main flume in trial-production Medicated cigarette;

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