Cable for high-voltage connection

Cable for high-voltage connection

  • CN 105,702,372 A
  • Filed: 01/20/2015
  • Published: 06/22/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/20/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a high pressure cable for connecting, including conductor, it is coated on the band outside conductor, the insulating barrier overlayed on outside band, the material of described insulating barrier is 125 DEG C of environmentally-friendly flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer TPE, the rated operational voltage of described cable is 1500V, Long-term service temperature≤

  • 125 DEG C of cable, ambient temperature >

    =-40 DEG C during cable laying, cable temperature be at 175 DEG C continuous-stable working time >

    =6h, the minimum bending radius of cable is 5 times of the outside diameter of cable, it is characterized in that described conductor is stranded by the aluminum-alloy wire that many diameters are 0.01~

    0.50mm, the cross-sectional area of described conductor is 1.5~


    Described band is made up of core band and the outer layer band outside being positioned at core band, core band with first segment from outside one direction is wound on conductor spirally, outer layer band with second section from outside one direction is wound on core band spirally, core band and outer layer band around to contrary and first segment from second section from equal;

    First segment is from being 3~

    6 times of core band width;

    The material of core band is thickness is waterstop or non-woven fabrics or glass fiber tape or the mica tape of 0.15~

    0.30mm or thickness is the polyester belt of 0.03~


    The material of outer layer band is identical with the material of core band;

    Described aluminum-alloy wire is made up of the raw material of following weight portion;



    0.08 part, ferrum;


    0.42 part, copper;


    0.3 part, magnesium;


    0.2 part, zirconium;


    0.3 part, zinc;


    0.04 part, boron;


    0.03 part, platinum;


    0.05 part, titanium;


    0.1 part, tungsten;


    0.05 part, manganese;


    0.03 part, all the other are aluminum, wherein, magnesium and silicon mass ratio are (1.50~


    1, the tensile strength minima of described aluminum-alloy wire is 305MPa, minimum elongation at break is 3.8%, when 20 DEG C, maximum resistivity is 32.5n Ω

    m, the max line coefficient of expansion is 2.15 ×

    10-5(1/ DEG C), 20 DEG C time maximal density be 2.85g/cm3

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