English scriber

English scriber

  • CN 105,711,300 A
  • Filed: 01/22/2016
  • Published: 06/29/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/22/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a scriber for English drawing, marks four line three lattice for Express specification on blackboard, it is characterized in that:

  • include two positioners, two slide bars, eight nuts and chalker;

    Described positioner includes sucker, connector and supporting seat;

    The two ends of described connector are equipped with expansion-head, and described two expansion-head are provided with the through hole being parallel to each other;

    The lower section of described expansion-head is additionally provided with screwed hole;

    Described supporting seat is arranged over the first thread segment that the corresponding threaded holes with expansion-head closes, and the first thread segment of supporting seat is arranged in the screwed hole of expansion-head;

    Described sucker is arranged on below supporting seat, is used for adsorbing blackboard;

    Described slide bar two ends are equipped with the second thread segment;

    Said two positioner is symmetrical arranged;

    Described two slide bars are set in parallel between two positioners, and second thread segment at each slide bar two ends is arranged in the through hole of expansion-head corresponding thereto;

    One group between two of described eight nuts, are separately positioned on second thread segment at two slide bar two ends, corresponding expansion-head are clamped, and make slide bar and positioner fix and are connected;

    Described chalker includes body and four chalk holders;

    Described body is provided with handle;

    The side of described body is provided with two slide openings being parallel to each other;

    Described two slide bars are each passed through two slide openings makes two slide bars be connected with the body of chalker;

    Described chalk holder includes housing, holder, adjusting rod, spring and chalk connector;

    Described housing is for setting female cylindrical section, and this cylindrical section lower end is provided with external screw thread;

    Described holder includes connecting portion and clamping part;

    Described connecting portion is provided with female thread, and connecting portion connects housing by the external screw thread of cylindrical section lower end;

    Described clamping part is the circular platform type component that through hole was made and be provided with to rubber;

    Described clamping part is for clamping the chalk through through hole, and this clamping part is contraction state not by external force time, can open when being subject to the downward stress of chalk and makes chalk lean out and hold chalk tightly;

    Described adjusting rod is be provided with the externally threaded cylinder matched with housing internal threads;

    Described spring one end connects adjusting rod lower end, and the other end connects chalk connector;

    Described chalk connector lower end is provided with the groove matched with chalk upper end, is provided with elastic ring in described groove, and elastic ring is used for fit clamping chalk;

    The adjusting rod being connected to spring and chalk connector is arranged in housing;

    Being additionally provided with four vertical installing holes that are equidistant and that be parallel to each other on described body, vertical installing hole is provided with female thread;

    The shell of described chalk holder is provided with the external screw thread that the female thread with vertical installing hole matches;

    Described four chalk holders are separately positioned in four vertical installing holes.

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