Band straw collecting bundling type maize harvesting machine

Band straw collecting bundling type maize harvesting machine

  • CN 105,723,927 B
  • Filed: 04/15/2016
  • Issued: 07/06/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/15/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of band straw collecting bundling type maize harvesting machine, it is characterised in that:

  • Including body (29), body (29) bottom is rowWalking system is set gradually on body (29) from front to back as ear picking bench (1), driver'"'"'s cabin (2), ear or transport device (4), bract dischargeDevice and fruit-ear box (6), the interior setting of driver'"'"'s cabin (2) drive control system (3), are power transmission machine below ear or transport device (4)Structure (9), the rear portion setting straw pickup (8) of ear picking bench (1), the exit top setting stalk bundling of straw pickup (8)Machine (7), straw baler (7) connect ear picking bench (1), Running System respectively positioned at the side of body (29), power drive mechanism (9)System, ear or transport device (4), bract discharger, straw pickup (8) and straw baler (7);

    Bract discharger is set as arranging device (5) before bract, and arranging device (5) includes rack (11) before bract, rack (11) topPortion'"'"'s setting peeling machine (10), peeling machine (10) lower section set preceding bract screw feeder (12) and rear bract screw feeder (13), preceding bract screw feeder(12) and below rear bract screw feeder (13) setting grain sieve (14), the lower section of grain sieve (14) set seed case (16), grain sieve(14) exit setting bract chute (17), bract chute (17) is positioned at rack (11) front end;

    Preceding bract screw feeder (12) position is less than rear bract screw feeder (13), is set below the grain sieve (14) below rear bract screw feeder (13)Slide carriage (15), the lower slide carriage (18) of bract chute (17) bottom setting are put, upper slide carriage (15) and lower slide carriage (18) are obliquely installed,Lower slide carriage (18) is set as rubber slide carriage;

    Straw pickup (8) includes stent (20), and roller (26), the setting rotation of roller (26) one end are laterally set in stent (20)It takes turns (27), tool apron (25) is distributed on roller (26), blade (24) on tool apron (25) is installed, sets and collects above roller (26)Conveying device (21) is collected conveying device (21) both ends and is mounted on stent (20) by bearing, collects conveying device (21) oneEnd setting driving wheel (23), other end setting fifth wheel (19), driving wheel (23) connection driving device, fifth wheel (19) connection rollingThe rotating wheel (27) of cylinder (26);

    Blade (24) is set as three pieces, including centrally located straight knife piece and straight knife piece both sidesTulwar piece, straight knife piece and tulwar piece are installed on tool apron (25), setting chaining (28) on rear side of upper cover plate.

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