Perps is the external thermal insulation decoration of cement panel of rigid seal seam

Perps is the external thermal insulation decoration of cement panel of rigid seal seam

  • CN 105,735,596 B
  • Filed: 02/29/2016
  • Issued: 04/09/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/29/2016
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1. a kind of decoration of cement panel for exterior insulation, it is characterized in that interior prefabricated with metal or nonmetallic net, lateral surfaceThere is 3 D stereo decorative pattern, medial surface is that plane or four sides are high, intermediate low flute profile;

  • Upper surface sets elongated convex key, and presses oneMetal hanger is arranged in fixed spacing, and lower end surface sets groove;

    The inside of both sides of the face is recessed, and formation is high outside and low outside step-like, and recessedThe pre-buried punch metal lath in face, punch metal lath stretch out concave surface proper width;

    When the decoration of cement panel construction assembling, waterFlush joint way is;

    upper plate-laying lower end surface face is superimposed on next plate-laying upper surface, the elongated convex key of next plate-laying upper surfaceIt is embedded in the groove of upper plate-laying lower end surface, constitutes sunk key formula seam;

    Perps way is;

    being first close to plate side end face face, and willPlate anchor and position, the punch metal lath for stretching out concave surface mutually overlap, and hole position is mutually aligned, then by side end face and heat preservationMobility cement mortar is filled in the undercut that plate encloses, forms Concealed groove type rigid seal seam, when perps is straight joint, is filled every timeAfter filling the water cement mortar, in undercut upper end, and convex key flush position, place cross sectional shape metal identical with convex key peripheral shape orPlastics partition;

    The decoration of cement panel is to load onto wall using following methods and step group;

    (1) snap the lineIt carries out levelling to base course wall and plays plate-laying frame bar, and mark anchor connection point bore position line;

    (2) it drillsAnchor hole is drilled by bore position line;

    (3) metal rest is installedThe metal rest of most bottom draining mud decoration panel lower end is positioned at Special anchor bolt;

    Court is arranged in metal rest cantilever outer endOn, height flange appropriate;

    Rigid plastics cushion block is arranged in metal rest and base course wall joint face, and fills heat preservation thin plate;

    (4) insulation board and decoration of cement panel are installedAccording to plate-laying frame bar, decoration of cement panel and insulation board group are loaded into wall with Special anchor bolt and plastic mattress pipe block-by-block;

    ModelingBacking strap tube section square-outside and round-inside, one end set rectangular small cap, and other end top sets a circular-shaped notch, one end without rectangular small capBase course wall is withstood, has one end of rectangular small cap to withstand the metal hanger of decoration of cement panel, insulation board is filled in by plastic mattressIn the cavity that pipe support sky is formed;

    After each plate-laying assembling, foamed heat insulating material is injected in the circular-shaped notch of plastic mattress pipeMaterial;

    Assembling sequence are as follows;

    vertically carry out from the bottom up by row, the flange insertion most bottom one draining mud dress of metal rest cantilever outer endIn the lower end surface groove of decoration panel;

    Horizontal direction block-by-block carries out from one end to the other side, and for first block-by-block by plate anchor and position, entire row plate is equalAfter anchor and position, then with special equipment each perps undercut is filled into mobility cement mortar;

    When perps is straight joint, it is perfused every timeAfter cement mortar, metal or plastics partition are placed with convex key flush position in undercut upper end.

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