A kind of waste conveyor

A kind of waste conveyor

  • CN 105,781,645 B
  • Filed: 03/30/2016
  • Issued: 11/27/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/30/2016
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1. a kind of waste conveyor, characterized in that including car body, refuse hopper, first mechanical arm, second mechanical arm, hydraulic stemAnd engine system, the car body, first mechanical arm, second mechanical arm and refuse hopper are successively hinged and connected;

  • It is multiple described hydraulicBar is sequentially arranged between car body and first mechanical arm, between first mechanical arm and second mechanical arm, second mechanical arm and rubbishBetween bucket, for driving first mechanical arm, second mechanical arm and refuse hopper movement;

    The car body is by engine driving, engineOff gas energy recovery device is used to recycle the energy of motor exhaust comprising radiator, engine, return water evaporator, high temperatureHeat-exchanging loop, low-temperature heat exchange circuit, battery group, inverter and frequency converter, backpressure regulation blower;

    The radiator and engineIt is connected, the surface radiating that the heat of engine is transferred on radiator by cooling water, and passes through radiator by radiator;

    StartThe tail gas of machine successively passes through the cooling heel row of backpressure regulation blower, high-temperature evaporator, cryogenic vaporizer to atmosphere;

    High temperature heat-exchanging loop includes high temperature circulation pump, high-temperature evaporator, high temperature multistage expansion turbine and the high temperature being sequentially connectedCondenser, the interior medium flowed of high temperature heat-exchanging loop is water, and high-temperature evaporator is mounted on the high-temperature tail gas after backpressure regulation blowerOn pipeline, is squeezed into high-temperature evaporator through the cooling medium water of warm condenser by high temperature circulation pump, the medium water after heating withEnter high temperature multistage expansion turbine afterwards to do work;

    Low-temperature heat exchange circuit includes that the low-temperature circulating pump, cryogenic vaporizer, intermediate extraction superheater, the low temperature multistage that are sequentially connected are swollenSwollen machine and low-temperature condenser, the medium flowed in low-temperature heat exchange circuit is R245fa, and cryogenic vaporizer is mounted on to be steamed by high temperatureOn low temperature exhaust gas pipeline after sending out device;

    Cryogenic vaporizer is squeezed by low-temperature circulating pump through low-temperature condenser cooling medium R245faInterior, the R245fa after heating enters low temperature multistage expanding machine after the heating of intermediate extraction superheater and does work;

    Intermediate extraction overheatDevice is pipe heat exchanger, intergrade steam extraction of the heat source from high temperature multistage expansion turbine;

    It further include regulating valve, the tuneValve is saved according to the pressure feedback in the R245fa temperature feedback and high temperature multistage expansion turbine after intermediate extraction superheater, is used forThe flow for adjusting intergrade steam extraction, R245fa temperature feedback value after intermediate extraction superheater are more than or less than in settingBetween R245fa temperature value after steam extraction superheater when, turn down or open automatically the aperture of big regulating valve, while when high temperature is multistage thoroughlyWhen pressure feedback value in flat expanding machine is less than the pressure atresia value in the high temperature multistage expansion turbine of setting, automatic blocking tuneIt saves valve to open, the intergrade steam extraction after heating flows back into high temperature heat exchange cycle circuit;

    Between high-temperature evaporator and cryogenic vaporizerDistance L be the 3/4 of exhaust pipe road overall length, high temperature multistage expansion turbine is 3 grades of expanding machines, and intergrade steam extraction is derived from heightThe 2nd grade of warm multistage expansion turbine;

    High-temperature evaporator and cryogenic vaporizer are all made of screen formula-spiral heat exchange tube, and the front half section in gas inlet side uses wrongThe screen formula heat exchanger tube of arrangement is arranged, the second half section uses spiral heat exchange tube;

    On the engine to the cooling water return pipe road of radiatorIt is additionally provided with return water evaporator, for recycling the heat of engine cooling water return water, cooling source is derived from low-temperature circulating pumpBetween tap, it is heated after the R245fa that comes out of centre tap return to the inlet of intermediate extraction superheater;

    The high temperature evaporationDevice and cryogenic vaporizer are integrally provided in the heat exchange shell of drum type brake, and the shell that exchanges heat passes through bolt buckle by procapsid and back casingIt closes, the length of procapsid is identical as the screen horizontal length of formula heat exchanger tube, the length of back casing and the level of spiral heat exchange tubeLength is identical;

    Multiple vibrators are provided on the screen formula heat exchanger tube, vibrator is powered by battery group;

    The bottom of the procapsidPortion is arc-shaped, is additionally provided with sewage draining exit at the minimum point of curved bottom, for the dirt fallen of shaking periodically to be discharged on screen formula heat exchanger tubeObject;

    It is coaxially connected by shaft coupling between low temperature multistage expanding machine and high temperature multistage expansion turbine, in system initial start stage,R245fa in low-temperature heat exchange circuit reaches vapourizing temperature prior to the water in high temperature heat-exchanging loop, and low temperature multistage expanding machine opens firstIt is dynamic, while driving high temperature multistage expansion turbine low speed to rotate in advance by shaft coupling, it plays and reduces high temperature multistage expansion turbineStarting pressure, shorten starting the time effect;

    When system stops, the coasting operation first of high temperature multistage expansion turbine is slowed down, togetherWhen by shaft coupling drive low temperature multistage expanding machine slow down, to reduce the idling time of cryogenic expansion machine, play reduce low temperature it is moreThe air blast friction of grade expanding machine, the effect for preventing blade from overheating;

    It further include battery group, inverter and frequency converter, one end of high temperature multistage expansion turbine is connected with battery group, electric power storagePond group is for storing the electric energy being transformed by the kinetic energy of expanding machine;

    Battery group is connected with inverter and frequency converter, inverterFor being alternating current by the DC inverter of battery, frequency converter is for driving backpressure regulation blower and adjusting its revolving speed;

    Back pressureIt adjusts blower and is used to lower and control the back pressure of engine, back pressure tune is adjusted by the pressure at expulsion feedback detected when operationThe revolving speed of blower is saved to adjust back pressure in optimum value.

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