Mobile tank automatic detection system

Mobile tank automatic detection system

  • CN 105,784,005 A
  • Filed: 05/14/2016
  • Published: 07/20/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/14/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. null1. truck tank automatic checkout system,

  • Including the air inlet pipeline (1) being connected with tank car to be detected (11) and inlet pipeline (10),

    It is characterized in that,

    Described air inlet pipeline (1) is disposed with the first switch valve (2)、

    First drainage screen (3)、

    Exsiccator (4)、

    Cooler (5) and second switch valve (6),

    Air inlet pipeline (1) is additionally provided with evacuated tube (7) and air admission valve (8),

    Second switch valve (6) is connected to stable gas pressure tank (9),

    The outlet of stable gas pressure tank (9) is connected with the air inlet of tank car to be detected (11),

    Described inlet pipeline (10) is provided with and is sequentially provided with the 3rd switch valve (14)、

    Second drainage screen (15) and the 4th switch valve (13),

    Described tank car to be detected (11) arranged outside has cooling water coil (12),

    The water inlet end of cooling water coil (12) is connected to the water side of water at low temperature cooling-cycle device,

    The water side of cooling water coil (12) is connected with the water inlet end of water at low temperature cooling-cycle device,

    Described tank car to be detected (11) is also associated with calibrator (17) and magnetic powder flaw detector (18),

    Some first temperature sensors and humidity sensor it is also equipped with in described air inlet pipeline (1),

    In described tank car to be detected (11), the second temperature sensor is installed,

    Also include controlling terminal (16),

    Control to be provided with central processing unit in terminal (16),

    The input of central processing unit and calibrator (17)、

    Magnetic powder flaw detector (18)、

    First temperature sensor、

    Humidity sensor、

    Second temperature sensor is connected,

    Outfan is connected toControl command output module, for by the output of various control commands to the parts specified;

    Module set up by physical model, for setting up the physical model treating tank car to be detected according to input received data;

    Virtual actuator, for driving Parameters variation, set up each element opening relationships in module with physical model after, it is possible in the scope specified, parameter is changed, is calculated solving such that it is able to driving simulation analyzes method for different parameters;

    Virtual-sensor, the logical block of the target that can directly obtain corresponding result or information for inserting in physical model;

    Simulation analysis module, for by various simulation analysis algorithms and simulating analysis, the physical model to setting up carries out simulation analysis;

    Two display screens, are respectively used to the display of physical model and each display detecting data;

    Data base, for carrying out data received by input and all data occurred in physical model simulation process;

    Described control command output module and the first switch valve (2), exsiccator (4), cooler (5), second switch valve (6), air admission valve (8), stable gas pressure tank (9), the 3rd switch valve (14), the 4th switch valve (13) and water at low temperature cooling-cycle device are connected.

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