Grinding wheel finishing device, grinding machine with device and method

Grinding wheel finishing device, grinding machine with device and method

  • CN 105,817,998 A
  • Filed: 05/31/2016
  • Published: 08/03/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/31/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a wheel dresser, it is characterised in that including:

  • Support, one end of support is fixing with transmission case to be connected;

    Being provided with leading screw in transmission case, one end of leading screw protrudes from described transmission case;

    Being provided with worm gear on described leading screw, worm gear is by worm drive, and one end that worm screw does not engages with worm gear protrudes from described transmission case, and described worm gear accepts from the power of worm screw and drives screw turns;

    Protruding from and be provided with screw on the leading screw of transmission case, screw drives slide plate to carry out linear reciprocation under the driving of leading screw and moves;

    Described slide plate is fixing with support to be connected, and support is provided with oil cylinder, and the piston rod of oil cylinder drives finishing motor to move back and forth;

    The main shaft of described finishing motor is provided with roller;

    The axis of described oil cylinder is vertical with the axis of described leading screw, so that described roller can carry out the movement of both direction in geometric space and carries out the extending direction of oil cylinder that both direction moves and leading screw axis for driving rolls and differ, on single axial direction, occupy too much space reducing this device;

    Wherein,Described roller completes the reparation to emery wheel under the leading screw drive with oil cylinder.

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