Inflated cable leakage inspection full automatic monitoring method and device

Inflated cable leakage inspection full automatic monitoring method and device

  • CN 1,058,269 A
  • Filed: 07/12/1990
  • Published: 01/29/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/12/1990
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , a kind of inflated cable leakage inspection full automatic monitoring method, axially uniform the layout is no less than three input transmitters to the end from the beginning in a gas tight section along said pressurizing cable, it is characterized in that:

  • A, microprocessor take out the array data of tested cable from register 1 under control module control, sweep the control signal through interface circuit output.B, when gas leakage takes place in said cable, each input transmitter will detect and leak gas generating process and send the gas leakage signal.C, gas leakage signal are after the signal transmission receiving circuit is handled, receive by microprocessor again, microprocessor is done first, second, third, fourth logic state processing and is deposited register 1 in according to the transmission signal process of each input transmitter again, timer is done corresponding first, second, third counting processing according to first, second, third, fourth state content of register 1, counts in the unit of register 1.D, microprocessor are under control module control, according to register 1 four condition contents processing, and the range data of taking out respectively from register 1 and register 2 between corresponding enumeration data and input transmitter is calculated according to equal transmission principle formula;

    used formula is;

    S=V 0t+1/2at 2

    a= (V t- V o)/(t) ;

    The distance that the S-incident is passed through in time t,V 0When-certain incident occurs in certain point, the initial velocity when being starting point with this point, V tWhen-certain incident occurs in certain point, the end speed when serving as the end point with this point, The t-incident occurs in the used time in a certain section distanceRate of change in the evolution of a-incident.E, by the arrangement sequence number of the tested cable of printer prints, orientation and gas leakage point are apart from number.

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