A kind of rubber coating machine feeding machanism and implementation method for possessing force discharging function

A kind of rubber coating machine feeding machanism and implementation method for possessing force discharging function

  • CN 105,836,181 B
  • Filed: 04/19/2016
  • Issued: 06/20/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/19/2016
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1. a kind of rubber coating machine feeding machanism for possessing force discharging function, it is characterised in that adaptive including main rotating mechanism, feeding angleMechanism is answered, force mechanisms is unloaded, is unloaded power angle governor motion and charging tray mechanism;

  • Described main rotating mechanism is other four loads of mechanismBody, feeding angle adaptive mechanism, unloads force mechanisms, unloads power angle governor motion and charging tray mechanism is provided entirely in main rotating mechanismSame side;

    The material strip that charging tray mechanism is pulled out is successively by unloading power angle governor motion, unloading force mechanisms, feeding angle self adaptationMechanism, then for wrapping wire harness process provides continuable adhesive tape or banding material;

    Main rotating mechanism includes a rotary body, and rotary body is fixed on base, and base is fixed in equipment;

    Rotary body is ringShape, and it is provided with a U-shaped gap connected with intermediate throughholes;

    The U-shaped gap of rotary body allows wire harness to pass in and out, and being capable of the inverse timePin rotates, so as to adhesive tape or banding material are wrapped on object;

    Described feeding angle adaptive mechanism includes eccentric crank, guideway and the axis of guide;

    Guideway is matched somebody with somebody with the axis of guideConjunction forms a set of rotating mechanism;

    The axis of guide is arranged in guideway, and the axis of guide is connected with one end of eccentric crank, eccentricThe other end of crank is arranged in the through hole of eccentric crank base, and eccentric crank base is fixed on the side of rotary body, and bias is shakenAround the rotation of eccentric crank base, second rotary freedom mechanism is formed, indirectly so as to allow guideway to be shaken with biasA two-freedom rotating mechanism is formed, the resistance that adhesive tape is produced around guideway can be reduced, feeding side can be changed againTo angle;

    So as to neatly for wire harness provides material;

    The described force mechanisms that unload include actively unloading power axle, unloading power axle sleeve, wherein actively unloading power axle and one is embedded in main rotary bodyInner driver is connected, and unloads power axle sleeve and is nested in and actively unload on power axle, and both are fixedly connected;

    Transmission device drives and actively unloads powerOn axle, and then the rotation of power axle sleeve is unloaded in drive;

    Due to the rotation of main rotating mechanism, be embedded in the transmission device of main a rotating body also byBand is moved up, and is caused and actively unload power axle and unload power axle sleeve and follow rotation;

    The described power angle governor motion that unloads includes roller, roller shaft and a guide rail;

    Roller is nested on roller shaft, both itBetween be slidably connected;

    Guide rail is arranged on the side of rotary body, and roller shaft is arranged on guide rail, can on guide rail adjusting position, fromAnd be given and different unload power angle so that unloading power angle governor motion has a suitable mechanical characteristic;

    Described unloads the regulation of power angleMechanism is lubrication system, and roller therein is made up of lubriation material, and its surface texture can reduce adhesive tape friction.

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