Operating method of power generation system

Operating method of power generation system

  • CN 105,840,253 A
  • Filed: 10/09/2013
  • Published: 08/10/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/09/2013
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1. a method of work for steam generating system, steam generating system includes steam engine, it is characterised in that this steam engine bagInclude:

  • Multiple pressure closing containers, are located at above thermal source or in thermal source;

    Sprayer unit, for each closing container quantification atomized water spray, this water smoke moment under the effect of described thermal source generates heightPressure steam;

    Steam drum, is connected with each closing container, for storing the high steam from each closing container;

    Multiple cylinders, are connected with described steam drum, and the high steam of steam drum output can drive the piston in each cylinder evenContinuous acting, described each sprayer unit is connected with the metering high-pressure hydraulic pump for quantitative water supply;

    Described closing container is by hollowThe vaporizer that fin is constituted;

    Described thermal source is a combustion furnace;

    Each container of closing is located at above this combustion furnace, is provided with for carrying comburant in combustion furnaceOr high temperature furnace slag or the fire grate of high-temperature material;

    Each closing container is uniform along the feed direction of described fire grate from the feeding mouth of this fire grateAlternately;

    Described multiple closing containers are arranged in thermal insulation cover, and the lower section of described fire grate is provided with for sending hot blast to each closing containerThe first blower fan group, the air vent at described thermal insulation cover top is connected with the air intake vent of described first blower fan group, so that hot air circulation;

    The method of work of described steam generating system, including;

    A, thermal source heat multiple pressure closing containers to more than 200 DEG C;

    B, sprayer unit are converted into high steam to each closing container quantification atomized water spray, this water smoke moment and enter steam vapourBag;

    High steam in C, steam drum respectively enters multiple cylinder, and drives the piston in each cylinder to drive a bent axle rotationTurning, this bent axle and a generating set transmission coordinate, and implement generating.

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