Method for cultivating cercis gigantean in saline-alkali area

Method for cultivating cercis gigantean in saline-alkali area

  • CN 105,850,420 A
  • Filed: 04/06/2016
  • Published: 08/17/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/06/2016
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1. the cultural method of the huge cercis in varieties in saline-alkali areas, it is characterised in that:

  • the method comprises the steps;

    1), the selection of transplanting timeTransplant in the time period of mid-March to mid-April;

    2), the excavation of plant pitExcavating plant pit according to transplanted plantlet soil ball size, 2 times of plant pit a diameter of soil bulb diameter, hole is the 2 of soil bulb diameter deeplyTimes;

    3), backfill soil improved treatmentThe original soil dug out in plant pit is mixed with turfy soil, cattle manure 10;


    1 by volume, makes planting soil;

    4), the pruning before field planting5), the field planting of treesFirst insert part planting soil, put into the native ball of transplanted plantlet, it is ensured that plant rhizome junction is above the ground level 10cm, subsequentlyInserting planting soil, tread compression, the depth of fill not can exceed that the native ball of transplanting;

    After trees field planting, repair one in plant pit peripheryCofferdam, road, finally sets up tree frame;

    6) use of medicine, is transplantedUse containing 0.2ppm naphthalene acetic acid, 0.3ppm indolebutyric acid, and the aqueous solution of 500ppm calcium nitrate be as determining root water,Once irrigate after transplanting, irrigate second time in seven days and determine root water.

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