Asparagus cochinchinensis seed breeding method

Asparagus cochinchinensis seed breeding method

  • CN 105,850,431 A
  • Filed: 04/08/2016
  • Published: 08/17/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/08/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the mating system of a lucid asparagus seed, it is characterised in that:

  • include following step;

    Step one, the collection of seed and storage;

    the collection of (1) seed;

    (2) storage of seed;

    Step 2, the selection of sowing time;

    sowing point is sowed in spring and autumn sowing;

    Step 3, selection of land with wholely;

    select thickness be not less than the sandy soil of 70cm or make seedbed land used rich in organic soil horizon;

    Making railway carriage or compartment width 100cm, a width of 20cm of ditch, ditch depth is the seedbed of 20cm;

    Step 4, sowing;

    during sowing, be sowed at lucid asparagus Seed Points in ditch, and grain, away from 3 ~ 5cm, covers one layer of fine earth;

    Step 5, broadcasting front lucid asparagus Seed Treatment;

    putting into continuous for lucid asparagus seed three times in the hot water of 65 DEG C ~ 80 DEG C and soak, each soak time is 22 ~ 25h, the interval time every time soaked is maintained at 0.05 ~ 0.1h, and total soak time is maintained at 66 ~ 75h;

    Step 6, emerge;

    when height of seedling reach 30 ~ 50cm, thick more than 0.5cm complete emerge;

    Step 7, field management;

    (1) waters;

    (2) scaffolding shelters from heat or light;

    (3) weeding, fertilising;

    (4) seedling stage diseases and pests preventing and treating.

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