Method for cultivating organic Longjing tea

Method for cultivating organic Longjing tea

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  • Filed: 04/21/2016
  • Published: 08/17/2016
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1. a method for organic dragon well green tea cultivation, its characteristic is to comprise the following steps:

  • (1) installation environment monitoring system around the tea place of the Dragon Well tea original seed tea in Hangzhou West Lake Dragon Well tea village, the real time data of monitoring carries out record and sends the most in real time;

    (2) foundation in tea place;

    select height above sea level at more than 600m, gradient slope, the southeast hillside less than 20 °

    , year-round average temperature is more than 15 DEG C, annual accumution is more than 4500 DEG C, humidity is the environmental condition of 80-90%, fertile soil, soil layer are deep, the content of organic matter is high red soil or sand loam as tea place planting site, pollution-free source around the planting site of tea place;

    Spraying system and the environmental monitoring system of high pressure finer atomization is installed in tea place, forms new tea place;

    (3) improved seeds are selected;

    select Dragon Well tea 43A as cultivar;

    (4) site preparation and fertilization;

    open width be 0.5m, the degree of depth be the plantation ditch of 30cm, apply base manure in ditch, base manure consumption is well-rotted farmyard manure 1500-2000kg;

    (5) plantation in good time;

    select rainwater to transplant during the Waking of Insects (3rd solar term), selects to transplant during the 2 Seedling cloudy day in age of more than height of seedling 30cm, and transplanting plant spacing is 20~

    25cm, and line-spacing is 25~


    (6) the detection dynamic value of the tea garden environment monitoring system of the original seed tea that basis receives is as reference value, arranges the dynamic threshold that the spraying system of high pressure finer atomization opens and closes;

    (7) tea garden environment of original seed tea is monitored the detection numerical value of system as reference value, computer carries out comparison item by item with the detection numerical value of new tea place environmental monitoring system, control system, according to comparison result, controls the keying of the spraying system of high pressure finer atomization, it is achieved regulate and control new tea place surrounding;

    (8) cold-proof heat insulation;

    when running into low temperature, ice disaster weather, in time in the ranks mulching straw+straw in tea place, it is desirable to covering around full Camellia sinensis root, thickness is 15-20cm, arranges the silica gel windbreak of high 2m in tea place surrounding simultaneously;

    (9) final-period management;

    utilize GIS pest control;

    (10) Folium Camelliae sinensis is gathered;

    for earsh, when more than height of tree 75cm, young sprout grow to 1 bud 5-6 leaf time, pluck top 1 bud 1-2 leaf, support emphatically fluffy, for becoming tree in age, mining height stays low, adopts major branch and stays side shoot, adopts centre and stays both sides, adopts to support and combines.

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