Dish washing machine

Dish washing machine

  • CN 105,877,665 B
  • Filed: 06/29/2016
  • Issued: 08/25/2020
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/29/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A dish-washing machine comprises a cabinet-type box body, a water storage tank, an object placing table, a spraying device and a washing water recycling tank, wherein the water storage tank is arranged in the box body, the object placing table is used for placing objects to be washed in a single layer, the spraying device is used for spraying and washing the objects to be washed, the washing water recycling tank is arranged in the washing water recycling tank,the object placing table is arranged in the middle of the box body, a filter residue net is arranged right below the object placing table, a slag discharging plate is arranged on one side of the filter residue net, and a slag discharging pipe is arranged on the slag discharging plate;

  • the spraying device comprises a spraying base, a spraying pipe and a plurality of spraying nozzles sequentially arranged on the spraying pipe, the spraying nozzles are arranged right opposite to the surface to be cleaned of the object, and the spraying pipe is connected with the water storage tank through a pipeline with a valve and a water supply pump;

    -said wash water recovery tank being arranged directly below the strainer;

    the method is characterized in that;

    the spraying device also comprises a first driving mechanism for driving the spraying base to linearly reciprocate, and the linear reciprocating movement direction of the spraying base is the direction of placing the objects to be cleaned on the object placing table;

    the slag discharging pipe is vertically arranged downwards, a slag outlet is formed at the end part of the slag discharging pipe which is vertically arranged downwards, a sealing plate is arranged at the slag outlet and hinged to the slag discharging pipe, a second driving mechanism is arranged for driving the sealing plate to seal and plug the slag outlet or to be far away from the slag outlet, a sealing ring is arranged on the surface, contacting the slag outlet, of the sealing plate, a limiting groove is formed in the other surface opposite to the sealing ring, and a butt block, contacting the sealing plate, of the second driving mechanism is embedded in the limiting groove and can move up and down in the limiting groove;

    the second driving mechanism is a screw linear driving mechanism, the abutting block is fixed on the end part of the screw, and a return spring is arranged for connecting the sealing plate and the screw base;

    the slag discharging plate is obliquely and downwards arranged, and the slag discharging pipe is arranged at the lower end of the slag discharging plate.

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