Preparation method of amphoteric gemini imidazolidine

Preparation method of amphoteric gemini imidazolidine

  • CN 105,884,688 A
  • Filed: 12/24/2014
  • Published: 08/24/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/24/2014
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1. an amphoteric gemini imidazoline preparation method, it is characterised in that:

  • step of preparation process is as follows;

    Standby compositions;

    Oleic acid 100 kilograms;

    Diethylenetriamine 40 kilograms;

    Dichloroethanes 21 kilograms;

    Monoxone 21 kilograms;

    Ethanol 81 kilograms;

    The first step;

    prepare imidazolineOleic acid 100 kilograms is placed in reactor, is warmed to 90 DEG C, adds divinyl under agitationTriamine 40 kilograms, then starts vacuum pump unit, continues to heat up and stir, along with the rising of material temperature,Control vacuum to gradually rise by 0.001mpa, when material temperature reaches 140 DEG C in reactor, openBeginning timing, keeps the speed of intensification in every 30 minutes 3-4 DEG C to react, until material temperature reaches in reactorWhen 220 DEG C, its vacuum rises to more than 0.096mpa, is then dropped to by the material temperature in reactor70 DEG C, now stop the work of vacuum pump unit, the most i.e. synthesized imidazoline, standby;

    Second step;

    preparation synthesis bi-imidazolineThe above-mentioned imidazoline prepared 140 kilograms is placed in a reactor, is warmed to 70-80 DEG C,Add dichloroethanes 21 kilograms, at ambient pressure reaction 2-3 hour under agitation, can synthesize doubleImidazoline;

    3rd step;

    synthesis amphoteric gemini imidazolineThe above-mentioned bi-imidazoline prepared 161 kilograms is placed in a reactor, adds 81 kilograms of secondAlcohol, under agitation add monoxone 21 kilograms, after raw material is warmed to 70-80 DEG C, at ambient pressureReact 2-3 hour, can synthesize and obtain amphoteric gemini imidazoline;

    Described ethanol is national standard industrial alcohol, and concentration is 95%.

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