Method for drying jujubes through geothermal water

Method for drying jujubes through geothermal water

  • CN 105,890,293 A
  • Filed: 03/28/2016
  • Published: 08/24/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/28/2016
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1. one kind utilizes the method that date is dried by GEOTHERMAL WATER, it is characterised in that concrete grammar step is as follows:

  • (1) drying room is built;

    build brick mix structure baking room, long 60m, wide 12m, high 4m, body of wall distance ground13cm is shown especially at the 10cm of face2Casting lug thereon, upper and lower rise 30cm stays at one, for frame diameter 2.5 cun thickeningGalvanizing pipeline, stays window, a width of 1.5m ×

    2m of window length, fills double pane, glass at distance ground 160cmGlass two interfloor distance 1cm, prevents the heat in baking room to be dispersed into outside baking room by window, and window is away from 4mA window is installed at place, keeps baking room to become clear, and wall construction becomes, and washes one'"'"'s face with cement, body of wall height 1.6m and groundCeramic tile face is done in face entirely;

    Keeping neat and tidy in baking room, baking room two is two wind-tunnel of left and right Ge Liu at the 20cm of ground,Wind-tunnel diameter 120cm, is used for installing 2.5 kilowatts of high-power fans;

    Humiture is installed about baking room centre visitHead, access doors side is installed Automatic Control case, is installed hot dip galvanizing pipe, carry out entirety with short tube and elbowLink, joint can not leak, and many places are screwed on baking room body of wall, enters at hot dip galvanizing pipe and driesStove room junction, water inlet intelligent switch to be installed, all connect full-automatic master control case;

    Beat at a glance deep for 1700m geothermal well, hydro-thermal about 70 DEG C, propose hot water with heat-exchanger pump, send into 2.5Very little galvanizing pipeline, utilizing metal is hot excellence conductor principle, with the fan hot water pipeline to 70 DEG CBlowing, makes the heat of galvanizing pipeline be dispersed in baking room, by two ends push-and-pull fan work, is dryingStove room forms thermal current, is evaporated by moisture contained in root of herbaceous peony tablet, is dispersed into outside baking room;

    (2) date stoving rack is installed;

    with thickening 5 layers of support body of stainless steel square tubes soldering, long 500cm, wide180cm, places at body of wall 80cm, stays passage wide for 140cm, every frame spacing 90cm in the middle of baking room;

    (3) after fresh jujube is gathered, fresh jujube to be selected classification, first reject dry branch fallen leaves, sort out wind shedding,Disease pest fruit, broken head fruit, then carry out classification by maturity size;

    (4) fresh jujube cleans;

    uses warm water to clean during cleaning, removes the dust dirt on fructus corni surface, partResidues of pesticides and part harmful microorganism, maintain water temperature at 35-45 DEG C, first immersion 15 minutes, the most manuallyOr mechanical cleaning clean after pull out and drain surface moisture and put into temperature and be 6-8 DEG C, humidity is the fresh-keeping of 78-82%Storehouse is deposited, waits slice;

    Wherein every 500g warm water adds white wine 20g, salt 20g, citric acid 15g,Cornstarch 50g, soybean protein isolate 15g, saponin 10g, amoxil capsule 8g, Glochidion puberum extract53g, camphor leaf extract 3g;

    (5) polishing;

    process with the polishing solution containing 0.05% polishing fluid, makes jujube fruit epidermis cleanOnly, red bright-coloured glossy, without oil stain sense, free from extraneous odour;

    (6) dress jujube is added;

    the long 40cm of basket, wide 30cm, high 28cm, every basket dress 10kg, and every layer fills 20 baskets,5 layer of 100 basket, basket and basket distance 5cm, easily ventilating, it is wet to dissipate, and dries 22 frame 22000kg every time, and baking room fillsCompletely can start fan and supplying hot water switch with water flowing, heat supply air feed, fan inlet pushes away, and outlet is drawn, windBecome 60 degree in wall, blow to above galvanizing pipeline, allow the heat of galvanizing pipeline effectively dissipate bakingIn stove room, the moisture content on date is discharged to outside baking room with air stream, works about 40 hours, the most automaticallyWhen changing control cabinet moisture readings to 22%, blower fan is stopped, allow date reduction dissipate wet, restart after 6 hoursBlower fan, when total Automated condtrol case moisture readings is to 16%, water content 16%-17% of date, date is justWarehouse-in storage can be packed.

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