Use method of scale carbon monoxide generator simple and convenient for operation

Use method of scale carbon monoxide generator simple and convenient for operation

  • CN 105,905,899 A
  • Filed: 08/27/2014
  • Published: 08/31/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/27/2014
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a using method for carbon monoxide generator with a scale simple to operation, is characterized in that:

  • described carbon monoxide generator includes head, cervical region, body and heating part;

    Described head includes cylindricality Container, and cylindricality Container is provided with scale mark, and the upper end of cylindricality Container arranges inverted cone frosted bottleneck, arranges inverted cone frosted bottle stopper in inverted cone frosted bottleneck;

    Described cervical region is positioned at lower head, and fixture body, at cervical region and engagement, arrange can 360 DEG C of frosted pistons with holes rotated, frosted piston with holes control communicating or isolating of inverted cone Container and lower section body, cervical region is provided with exhaustor;

    Described body is to be positioned at the taper volumetric flask communicated below cervical region with cervical region;

    Described heating part is beaker filled with hot water, and taper volumetric flask is placed in beaker;

    The bottom of taper volumetric flask is thickening form;

    Exhaustor is fold-line-shaped;

    Using method;

    After various preparations before carrying out experiment, take out the CO maker with a scale that clean dry is good, frosted bottle stopper and closure piston is first pulled out during operation, describe that measuring device injects aequum concentrated sulphuric acid to the column with a scale of head, after waiting concentrated sulphuric acid to fully flow into following taper Container after opening piston, closure piston;

    Then add aequum formic acid to the Container of head, cover frosted bottle stopper;

    Then add the hot water of 80 DEG C to glass beaker, then open frosted bottle stopper and rotate hole piston, after formic acid flows down completely, quick closedown piston and cover frosted bottle stopper, in order to avoid the CO gas generated outwards overflows;

    CO gas is collected at exhaustor.

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