Mechanical and electrical elevating scaffold preventing falling

Mechanical and electrical elevating scaffold preventing falling

  • CN 1,059,176 C
  • Filed: 02/16/1998
  • Issued: 12/06/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/16/1998
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a machinery, the electric hoisting scaffold that prevents to fall is characterized in that:

  • by scaffold (12), and outrigger (2), anti-faller (20), main frame column (13), main frame longeron (23), support (19), electric block (15), shear bolt (5), guiding crossbeam (7), strengthening frame (11), anti-fall device and electric control circuit, knife switch (42) is formed, and described anti-fall device is locked excellent spring (30) by lock rod (26), suspension ring (14), suspension ring spring (36) and control loop (29) are formed;

    Outrigger (2) one ends are fixing by built-in fitting (1), steel rope (3) supports (4) and built-in fitting (1) tractive by outrigger, the other end is installed outrigger guide groove (25), outrigger guide groove (25) is installed in outrigger (2) side, be connected with outrigger (2) with bolt, anti-faller (20) passes through in the middle of outrigger guide groove (25), lock rod (26) its front end is facing to hole, ellipse garden (40) line of centers of anti-faller (20), and locked the excellent collar (27) and entangled, lock rod (26) welds with handle (28) backward, lock rod (26) is by the excellent spring of lock (30) coiling, locking excellent spring (30) is entangled by being locked excellent spring overcoat pipe (46), lock the rear end solder up iron plate (39) of excellent spring overcoat pipe (46), lock the top of excellent spring overcoat pipe (46) and leave a hole, so that handle (28) is moved around, control loop (29) is enclosed within handle (28) outside, suspension ring (14) are coiled by suspension ring spring (36), suspension ring spring (36) is pushed down by spring bearer plate (35), spring bearer plate (35) and suspension ring (14) weld together, suspension ring spring (36) is entangled by suspension ring spring overcoat pipe (44), suspension ring spring overcoat pipe (44) and top rail (34), bottom rail (37) welding, top rail (34) is supported by outrigger (2), top rail (34) leaves hole with bottom rail (37), so that suspension ring (14) can therefrom pass, at suspension ring (14) top welding portable plate (32), welding control loop sleeve pipe (31) above the portable plate (32), control loop sleeve pipe (31) is passed in control loop (29) rear end, and, hang electric block (15) in suspension ring (14) below by control loop nut (33) locking;

    Or outrigger (2) fixes by bolt or built-in fitting, and its outer end is supported by outrigger diagonal brace (45);

    Main frame column (13), fixing by cross-tie (17) and anti-faller (20), be connected with scaffold (12) by main frame coupling link (16), its lower end and support (19) are fixing, support (19) and main frame longeron (23) are fixing, form a scaffold hardened system;

    Anti-faller (20), from bottom to top, open an elliptical aperture (40) every 4-5cm, elliptical aperture (40) can be inserted by lock rod (26), anti-faller (20) can be connected with scaffold (12) by anti-faller coupling link (9), and scaffold during lifting (12) and anti-faller (20) promote simultaneously;

    Anti-faller (20) also can and guide groove (6) fixing, entangle anti-faller (20) by scaffold guide groove (22), anti-faller (20) is motionless during lifting.Anti-faller (20) passes guide groove (6) and outrigger guide groove (25) simultaneously;

    Shear bolt (5) is installed on the anti-faller (20) of outrigger (2) and guiding crossbeam (7) top;

    Guiding crossbeam (7) is fixing with built-in fitting (1);

    Also can be on exterior wall by bolt.

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