Culture method for xanthoceras sorbifolium young seedling grafting container seedlings

Culture method for xanthoceras sorbifolium young seedling grafting container seedlings

  • CN 105,917,974 A
  • Filed: 04/22/2016
  • Published: 09/07/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/22/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a shinyleaf yellowhorn fruit Seedling grafting container Seedling mating system, it is characterised in that:

  • method step is as follows,One, the cultivation of sub-SeedlingA. elite seed, selects mature fruit at Lignum Xanthoceratis collection period, air-dried through about 1 week and takes out seed,Screening grain seed the fullest, without pest and disease damage does the seed cultivating stock,B. stored seeds, selects high-land, and draining is good, at leeward cool place, digs deep 40cm, wide 80-100cmHole, insert the thick wet sand of 15cm, after striking off, broadcast the potassium permanganate solution leaching of last layer 400mg/kgThe seed of bubble 20min, the wet sand that lid 15cm is thick, husky humidity is not dripped, when unclamping to hold agglomeratingSplit preferably, cover wet sand the most again, topmost become ridge-shaped, sand drift inserts a straw to bottom of trench every 1mVentilate,C. accelerating germination, after until the 2nd year, the temperature rises, Lignum Xanthoceratis germination, when seedling grows to about 3cm,Controlled irrigation also removes terminal bud, promotes sub-Seedling main root sturdy;

    Two, the branch of scion is selectedFrom robust growth, the fine individual plant without pest and disease damage, selected or clone elite stand, clip is grown goodGood annual shoot row culture scion;

    Three, graftingA. play stock, the shinyleaf yellowhorn fruit Seedling of band cotyledon in sand pit is taken out gently, then washes on the most sub-Seedling with clear waterSand, prevent cotyledon from coming off,B. cutting scion, below fringe bar axillalry bud, about 2mm place, cuts the double inclined plane of long an about 1cm with bladeWedge, intersects at medulla, then cuts off at bud upper end about 2mm place, become the scion of leaf one bud, transfer immediatelyConnect, it is possible to be placed on moisturizing in clear water, but no more than 1h,C. cutting stock, on sub-young plant leaf, about 3cm place cuts off, then is rived, about long incision 1.2cm.Sub-Seedling anvil main root length is retained in about 5cm,D, grafting, be rolled into tubular by flake aluminum, is sleeved on the sub-Seedling anvil of incision, then connecing of cutting Fringe inserts gently, is directed at cambium layer, then is clutched by aluminium flake, wraps moisturizing with wet towel;

    Four, grafting is planted and manages.

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