Connecting and dimming method of LED lamp

Connecting and dimming method of LED lamp

  • CN 105,927,924 A
  • Filed: 05/04/2016
  • Published: 09/07/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/04/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the connection of a LED lamp and light-dimming method, it is characterised in that use and insert body-hole bindiny mechanism and realize lamp holder and lampThe connection of seat (3);

  • Light source in using tri coloured lantern as lamp holder, controls, by the color controlling tri coloured lantern, the color that lamp holder is luminous, by light modulationThe brightness of drive circuit regulation light source, thus realize different lamp effects;

    Difference refers to color change and brightness flop;

    Described dimming driving circuit is PWM drive circuit;

    Described slotting body-hole bindiny mechanism is as follows;

    Inserting type luminous module includes lamp holder (1), inserts body (12) and connect lamp holder and the wire (2) of slotting body;

    Use it is provided with in socketIn the jack (7) inserting body;

    The bottom of jack is provided with the socket contact (9) for powering for inserting type luminous module;

    Insert bodyIt is provided with the slotting body contact (4) for contacting with described socket contact;

    Lamp holder includes petal lampshade and LED light module, and petal lampshade is formed by 4 single-lobe (6) docking;

    4 single-lobesOne end connects the lamp bowl forming petal lampshade, and the other end of 4 single-lobes forms the outreach part of lampshade, and LED light module is positioned atThe bottom of lamp bowl;

    The bottom of lamp bowl is plane, and this plane is the light-emitting area of lamp holder, and 4 single-lobes are projected as " ten " in light-emitting areaFont, wantonly 2 adjacent single-lobes are 90 degree at the angle that light-emitting area projects;

    Specifically refer to 2 adjacent single-lobe centragesThe angle of light-emitting area projection is 90 degree;

    LED light module includes 2 FLAMING DATUMs;

    Each FLAMING DATUM includes at least one LED (5);

    Two luminous basesThe line of point is 45 degree with the centrage of each single-lobe at the angle of light-emitting area projection line;

    Preferably, each luminous basePoint includes the LED of 2 reverse parallel connections, then drive circuit is not required to consider the both positive and negative polarity of LED;

    LED is tri coloured lantern, and socket connects the drive circuit for arranging tri coloured lantern color;

    It is set to white, yellow, or secretlyRedness, respectively simulation silver osmanthus, Osmanthus fragrans var.thunbergii. and Osmanthus tragranscv.Aurantiacu;

    Socket connects the light adjusting circuit for regulating tri coloured lantern brightness.

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