Preparation method for solid oxide fuel cell anode

Preparation method for solid oxide fuel cell anode

  • CN 105,932,304 A
  • Filed: 05/20/2016
  • Published: 09/07/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/20/2016
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1. the preparation method of an anode of solid oxide fuel cell, it is characterised in that specifically comprise the following steps that(1) use stephanoporate framework material and pore creating material to prepare stephanoporate framework, bone porous forming temperature be 1200~

  • 1400℃

    (2) preparation mass concentration is the silver nitrate solution of 3~

    5%, and mass concentration is the sodium hydroxide solution of 10~

    20%,Mass concentration is the ammonia of 2~

    4%, and mass concentration is the glucose solution of 5~


    (3) in 3~

    5mL silver nitrate solutions, drip 3~

    7 sodium hydroxide solutions, shake up, then drip mass concentration and be2~

    4% ammonia to precipitation be completely dissolved, sequentially add catalyst, dispersant, binding agent and solvent, after mix homogeneouslyObtain impregnation liquid;

    (4) in impregnation liquid, add the glucose solution of 4~

    8mL, then the stephanoporate framework prepared is immersed 80~

    120 DEG CImpregnation liquid in, or impregnation liquid is injected in stephanoporate framework, during this, bone porous temperature is not less than the temperature of impregnation liquid;

    (5) cooling process is carried out in the environment of the stephanoporate framework impregnated being positioned over-20~

    20 DEG C;

    (6) after impregnation liquid being introduced stephanoporate framework, by stephanoporate framework between 400~

    600 DEG C at a temperature of carry out roasting and divideSolution processes;

    (7) repeated impregnations and roasting process 10~

    14 times, until stephanoporate framework dipping weightening finish reaches 30~


    (8), under air atmosphere, dipping anode is sintered 1.5~

    2.5h at a temperature of 700~

    900 DEG C, decomposes furtherWith aging;

    (9) being then placed in earthenware or quartz ampoule, one end is passed through reducibility gas, other end opening or sealing, soAfter earthenware or quartz ampoule are put in heating furnace, at a temperature of 800~

    1000 DEG C, carry out heated at constant temperature 10~

    20h, i.e.Obtain anode of solid oxide fuel cell.

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