Die steel capable of detecting integrity thereof

Die steel capable of detecting integrity thereof

  • CN 106,011,597 A
  • Filed: 07/28/2016
  • Published: 10/12/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/28/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the mould steel that can detect self integrity, fills including mould steel and the Non-Destructive Testing being connected with mould steelPutting, it is characterized in that, described mould steel making step includes:

  • A, casting mold steel blank stepIn mould steel blank, each composition is 0.4%-0.6%, Y20CrNi3AIMnMo (SM2) by its weight proportion;

    3Cr2MoFor 0.7%-0.9%, Y55CrNiMnMoV (SM1) be 3.0%-4.0%, 5NiSCa be that 2.0-2.5%, 4Cr5MoVS are4.0%-5.0% and C is 0.2%-0.25%, and remaining is Fe, and the mould steel slab temperature of moulding by casting is down to 250 DEG C, then addsHeat, to 650-760 DEG C, is incubated 5-6 hour, and stove is cooled to 280-320 DEG C, is incubated 3-5 hour, is again heated to 650-690 DEG C,It is incubated 32 hours, is cooled to 400 DEG C with 40 DEG C/h, then with 18 DEG C/h, be cooled to 120 DEG C;

    B, heat treatment stepTo the mould steel obtained in step a, be again heated to 1000 DEG C and be incubated 1-2h, oil be cooled to not higher than 100 DEG C after againIt is heated to the temperature range of 680 DEG C-710 DEG C and is incubated 3h, afterwards water-cooled;

    After temper, then by the head of mould steelBeing heated to 320-400 DEG C, be incubated 4-5 hour, then spray cooling processes, and the afterbody of mould steel, at 900-1020 DEG C, is incubated6-8 hour, then air cooling, being heated up to temperature in the middle part of last mould steel again was 160~

    190 DEG C, is incubated 2-3 hour, puts into ferrumIn case, heap is cold.

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