Manufacturing and using method of squatting pan for preventing feces sticking

Manufacturing and using method of squatting pan for preventing feces sticking

  • CN 106,013,364 A
  • Filed: 06/14/2016
  • Published: 10/12/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/14/2016
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1. a method of manufacture and use thereof for the squatting pan of antiseized dung, is formed by the transformation of the way of existing squatting pan;

  • It is characterized in that;

    the structure of the squatting pan after improvement by the body (1) of squatting pan, groove (2), pressing plate (3), inhale ball (4), be connected to form into and out of water valve (5,6);

    When making the embryo of squatting pan, the body (1) of squatting pan is symmetrically arranged with two oval grooves (2), increases the space shared by groove (2) and make the both sides of squatting pan form outside protrusion, in keeping squatting pan with this, have prototype constant;

    Groove (2) is distributed in the both sides suitable for reading of squatting pan body (1), the suitable for reading and squatting pan of groove (2) suitable for reading at grade;

    Placing in groove (2) and inhale ball (4), inhale ball (4) and use rubber bulb, the suction ball (4) putting into groove (2) exceeds the upper port plane one section of squatting pan;

    Inhale ball (4) and just fill up whole groove (2);

    There are water intaking valve (5), outlet valve (6) in the two ends distribution connection inhaling ball (4), are connected with the water supply line (7) of toilet by flexible pipe (9) respectively into and out of water valve (5,6);

    Its junction is in the top of the switch (10) of water supply line (7), check valve is used into and out of water valve (5,6), when the suction ball (4) flattened relies on natural resiliency expansion to heave, water intaking valve (5) can automatically open up under the bilayer of hydraulic pressure, suction ball (4) suction acts on, and outlet valve (6) is closed;

    Water liquid in the water supply line (7) of squatting pan can pass through flexible pipe (9) and enter in suction ball (4);

    When the suction ball (4) heaved is extruded, the outlet valve (6) connecting suction ball (4) is opened by the pressure of water liquid, and water intaking valve (5) is closed;

    Inhale in the water channel that the water liquid in ball (4) can pass through the water outlet that outlet valve (6) is flowed into squatting pan;

    Thus the inner surface of moistening squatting pan;

    Inhale ball (4) and serve the effect of a cistern at this;

    Its water liquid stored is specifically designed to the inner surface of moistening squatting pan and uses;

    The groove (2) of squatting pan is respectively arranged with two block pressur plates (3), pressing plate (3) is in the surface inhaling ball (4), pressing plate (3) is one piece of oval rustless steel plate body, downward projection (11) it is partially provided with below pressing plate (3), during pressurized, the part of the projection (11) of pressing plate (3) can enter in groove (2);

    Water yield during extruding suction ball (4) is increased with this;

    Pressing plate (3) encloses more than the actinal surface one of groove, and during pressurized, pressing plate (3) can be supported on groove (2);

    The peripheral thickness of pressing plate (3) is less than 3 millimeters;

    Hinge (8) it is provided with between the body (1) of pressing plate (3) and squatting pan, hinge (8) and screw stainless steel material are made, pressing plate (3) is fixed on the body (1) of squatting pan by hinge (8) screw, inhale ball (4) expand heave time, on the body (1) that what pressing plate (3) tilted be positioned at squatting pan;

    Using method is;

    during use, and the bi-pedal of people is pressed on pressing plate (3), and when one end of pressing plate (3) is descending, ball (4) is inhaled in extruding, and the water liquid that stores inhaled in ball (4) had wet the inner surface of squatting pan before not pulling out stool;

    Stool is terminated the both feet of descendant and leaves pressing plate (3), and pressing plate (3) is popped up by its own resilient inhaling ball (4), is filled water liquid in flexible pipe (9) simultaneously;

    Complete a cycle of operation.

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