Hose type closestool

Hose type closestool

  • CN 106,013,383 A
  • Filed: 06/14/2016
  • Published: 10/12/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/14/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a hose type toilet, it is characterised in that:

  • hose type toilet is formed by existing toilet (1) transformation of the way;

    During embryo processed, offer side door (2) in the embryo side of toilet (1), side door (2) side of making, round or oval;

    The position of side door (2) is corresponding with trap;

    Side door (2) can go down staff;

    Make in the hole of side door (2) and have profile and the global shape of toilet (1), the set matching in colour of Men Sai (3), Men Sai (3);

    Men Sai (3) can be blocked on the hole of side door (2), and Men Sai (3) and side door (2) after blocking are fixedly linked integral, Men Sai (3) after blocking and the periphery of side door (2) fits together perfectly and at grade;

    Open Men Sai (3) and trap can be exposed;

    The cross section of side door (2) periphery is provided with several hole of beads, the hole of bead is for installing collision bead (4), being provided with groove (5) on door plug (3), groove (5) is corresponding with the position of collision bead (4), and groove (5) can hold the projection of collision bead (4);

    Men Sai (3) is made to be positioned on side door (2) by collision bead (4) with this;

    The trap of toilet (1) is removed, water at toilet (1) cheats the side making of (6) one section of straight pipe (7), at grade, pipe (7) is for connecting flexible pipe (8) in the bottom of the bottom, cross section of pipe (7) and water hole (6);

    The periphery of the inner face of pipe (7) and water hole (6) is round and smooth to be connected as a body;

    The internal diameter of the pipe (7) after Xiang Lianing is equal to the height of water hole (6);

    The bottom plate body of toilet (1) is provided with inclined hole (9), in inclined hole (9), is inserted into one section of flexible pipe (8);

    Being provided with gib head hole on the body of the highest point of toilet (1) former trap, scribble structure glue in gib head hole, the gib head hole after gluing is inserted into one section of gib head (10), and gib head (10) is by structure glue and toilet (1) is bonding is connected as a body;

    Mounted gib head (10) is fixed on the body of toilet (1) in steelyard hook type;

    Flexible pipe (8) is the one section of pipe using plastic material to make, and flexible pipe (8) has the function of linear deformation, recovery;

    The cross section of flexible pipe (8) will not diminish when flexible pipe deforms;

    One end of flexible pipe (8) is sleeved on pipe (7), and the flexible pipe (8) after suit utilizes band and pipe (7) binding sealing to be connected as a body;

    The other end of flexible pipe (8) is inserted in inclined hole (9);

    The flexible pipe (8) being inserted in inclined hole (9) have one section unsettled in the tube chamber of main sewer (11), the flexible pipe (8) that is inserted in inclined hole (9) can flexible twitch back and forth in inclined hole (9);

    Extension spring (12) is had in the upper connection of flexible pipe (8);

    Extension spring (12) connects with rubber band makes, extension spring (12) is lifted up after (8) one weeks around flexible pipe, the two ends of extension spring (12) are articulated on described gib head (10), flexible pipe (8) can be lifted up by the extension spring (12) mounted, the height that flexible pipe (8) is lifted up, more than the height of water hole (6), goes upward to indoor with the foul smell that this water liquid level guaranteed in water hole (6) can block in main sewer (11);

    By increasing, subtract the connection quantity of the rubber band of composition extension spring (12), it is possible to adjust the elastic size of extension spring (12), and then adjust the hoisting depth of flexible pipe (8);

    During installation, the base glass cement of this toilet (1) is sealed and is bonded on the floor of toilet;

    During use, open the flashing valve of toilet (1), water liquid adds the overall weight of flexible pipe (8) after entering into flexible pipe (8) by water hole (6), extension spring (12) is stretched downwards by the gravity of water liquid, so that becoming straight after the flexible pipe being bent upwards (8) tenesmus, defecate in entering into main sewer (11) along with the impact of water liquid along straight flexible pipe (8);

    When current in flexible pipe (8) draw to an end, the stage casing of flexible pipe (8) is lifted up by extension spring, the height mentioned is more than the height of water hole (6), back water enters in water hole (6) of toilet (1), re-form closure foul smell and enter indoor liquid level, complete a water-rinsing process.

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