Novel two-stage filtration type sewage treatment device

Novel two-stage filtration type sewage treatment device

  • CN 106,039,813 A
  • Filed: 07/10/2016
  • Published: 10/26/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/10/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a double-filtration formula novel sewage treatment unit, it is characterised in that:

  • include grade one filter, secondary filter, enterWater siphunculus, single filter water pipe, soil pipe, the secondary effluent pipe being fixedly connected on described secondary filter, wash tub pipe, storageTank and mud discharging device;

    Described grade one filter includes one-level tank, is arranged on the lower filtering base within described one-level tank, is fixedly connected onThe upper filtering base of described one-level tank upper surface, is longitudinally mounted to the transmission tube of described one-level tank bosom, also includes;

    rowMud assembly, and fixed support;

    Described one-level tank rounded cell body shape;

    Described lower filtering base is round tube shape;

    Described lower filtering base upper endIt is fixedly connected with the ceramic filter plate circumferentially equidistantly distributed;

    Molding between described lower filtering base and described upper filtering baseThere is screen plate mounting seat;

    Described ceramic filter plate is fixedly connected between adjacent two pieces of described screen plate mounting seats;

    Described transmission tube upper inside wall forms spirally-guided wall;

    Described transmission tube top forms belt wheel fixed plate;

    DescribedBelt wheel fixed plate upper end is provided with belt wheel;

    Described transmission tube bottom outer wall forms rotatable lamella;

    Described transmission tube bottom moldingMud is had to promote blade;

    Described mud promotes blade to be positioned at below described rotatable lamella;

    Described rotatable lamella include rotatable lamella withAnd lower rotatable lamella;

    Described lower rotatable lamella is molded over the described transmission tube outer wall position relative to ceramic filter plate lower end;

    DescribedUpper rotatable lamella is molded over the described transmission tube outer wall position relative to ceramic filter plate upper end;

    Described lower rotatable lamella is positioned on describedImmediately below rotatable lamella;

    Each described rotatable lamella outer end intermediary form scrubs panel connecting column;

    Described scrubs outside panel connecting columnSide is socketed with spring;

    It is fixedly connected with between described corresponding up and down two pieces of outer ends scrubbing panel connecting column and scrubs plate;

    DescribedPlate of scrubbing relatively scrub panel connecting column position near the end face of transmission tube and form two connection post mounting seats;

    Described connectionPost mounting seat is scrubbed outside panel connecting column described in being socketed in, and one end offsets with described spring;

    Described scrubs plate outer faceType has multiple equally distributed brush-washing head;

    Described mud promotes blade to be uniformly distributed along the circumference of transmission tube;

    Described mudPromoting blade to be made up of with blade body blade connecting plate, described blade connecting plate and horizontal plane are the angle of 3 °

    ~ 6 °

    , instituteThe blade body stated is on the vortex-like line with roll tube axis as the center of circle;

    Described lower filtering base upper end intermediary form has with describedMud promotes the inverted cone groove that blade coordinates;

    Described row'"'"'s mud assembly includes being coaxially mounted to the mud discharge pipe of described transmission tube bosom with transmission tube, fixing evenIt is connected on the roller of described mud discharge pipe external wall of upper portion, is molded over multiple slider bars on described mud discharge pipe top, Yi JichengThe type mud in described mud discharge pipe upper end discharges bend pipe;

    Described roller matches with described spirally-guided wall;

    Described siltMud discharge pipe inner wall lower offers up-narrow and down-wide mud entrance;

    Described slider bar is longitudinally disposed, and described slipBar is uniformly distributed circumferentially at described mud discharge pipe outer wall;

    Described fixed support includes the upper fixed cover being socketed in described mud discharge pipe top, and is socketed in described transmission tubeThe lower fixed cover of upper end;

    Described upper fixed cover inwall forms the sliding tray coordinated with described slider bar;

    Fixed setOuter wall uniformly forms three mud discharge pipe supports;

    Described lower fixed cover outer wall uniformly forms the transmission tube of three L-shapedSupport;

    Described transmission tube support includes an electric machine support and two support a;

    It is clear that described electric machine support upper end is provided with mudReason motor;

    Described mud cleaning motor is connected by belt with described belt wheel;

    Described mud discharge pipe pedestal lower end is fixedIt is connected on described transmission tube support;

    Described transmission tube pedestal lower end is fixedly connected with support ring for fixing;

    Described fixed supportCircle is connected by screw with described upper filtering base;

    Described mud discharging device is inclined at described mud and discharges immediately below the bend pipe mouth of pipe;

    Described mud discharging device includes twoSymmetrically placed fixed mount, two cylinders being rotatably connected between two fixed mount two ends by bearing, and fixing connectionFixed mount support bar in described fixed mount bottom surface;

    Conveyer belt is slidably connected between two described cylinders;

    Described conveyer beltBoth sides are provided with two pieces of relative baffle plates;

    Multiple baffle plate link equidistantly distributed it is fixedly connected with on described fixed mount;

    Described baffle plate is fixedly connected on described baffle plate link;

    On described fixed mount, the one end near drive link is provided with describedThe spoil disposal motor that drum drive connects;

    Between described frame upper and conveyer belt, electronic scale is installed;

    Described secondary filter upper end is provided with water inlet pipe, and lower end is provided with water inlet pipe and blow-off pipe;

    Described water inlet siphunculus outlet is located at the one-level tank upper end of described grade one filter;

    Install on described water inlet siphunculusThere is entering water electromagnetic valve;

    Described single filter water pipe one end is connected with described one-level tank bottom, the other end and described two gradesThe water inlet pipe of filter connects;

    On described single filter water pipe, centrifugal pump is installed;

    Described soil pipe one end is fixing to be connectedOn the blow-off pipe of described secondary filter, the other end is arranged on the one-level tank upper end of described grade one filter;

    DescribedElectromagnetic valve is installed on soil pipe;

    Described secondary effluent pipe one end is fixedly connected on the outlet pipe of described secondary filter,The other end is arranged on the inside of described aqua storage tank;

    Described wash tub pipe is connected with secondary effluent pipe away from one-level tank one endLogical;

    Described secondary effluent pipe is provided with outlet pipe electromagnetic valve between wash tub pipe and secondary filter;

    Described flushingWater pipe is provided with backwash electromagnetic valve away from one-level tank side;

    Described wash tub pipe connects near one-level tank side pressureForce transducer;

    Backwash is installed on described wash tub pipe between described backwash electromagnetic valve and pressure transducer be centrifugedPump;

    The first recess coordinated with described lower filtering base bottom is formed bottom described one-level inboard wall of cistern;

    Described upper filtering base upper inside wall is provided with liquid level sensor;

    Described pressure transducer, liquid level sensor, Yi Ji electricitySub-scale is connected on the signal input part of controller, described entering water electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve, backwash electromagnetic pump, backwash fromHeart pump, centrifugal pump, mud cleaning motor and spoil disposal motor are connected on the outfan of described controller;

    Described baffle plate place plane and conveyer belt place plane are 20 ~ 40 °

    of angles;

    Described baffle plate lower end and the biography of the same sideDynamic band outer end spacing 5 ~ 10 centimetres in conveyer belt plane;

    Described secondary filter includes firm banking, is fixedly connected on the cylinder on described firm banking, and is arranged on instituteState the ceramic element between firm banking and described cylinder;

    Described firm banking center is provided with water pipe head, described solidDetermine base outer ring and form centring ring, between described centring ring and described water pipe head, offer sewage draining exit, described firm bankingThe corresponding described Location for Sewage in lower section is fixedly connected with blow-off pipe, is the most uniformly provided with many below described firm bankingRoot support bar, is fixedly connected with water inlet pipe below described water pipe head;

    Described water pipe head rotates over connection rotation water pipe,Described rotating water tube side wall circumferentially forms at least three group outlet pipes, often organizes described outlet pipe and includes along described rotation water pipeAxially arranged two or more;

    On each described outlet pipe, slip cap is connected to shower nozzle part;

    Described shower nozzle part includes and water outletThe adapter sleeve that pipe is slidably socketed, is molded over the fountain head of described adapter sleeve sidewall and is molded over the connection at described adapter sleeve topHead;

    Between described ceramic element and described rotation water pipe, correspondence is often organized described outlet pipe and is equipped with brush board, the described brush board back sideForm at least two compositions to groove, described groove and described union joint are fixed and are connected;

    Described ceramic element top seal,Bottom is fixedly connected with plastic seating, and described plastic seating is fixedly connected on firm banking;

    Described cylinder top formsSecondary effluent pipe, described cylinder body bottom forms cylinder base and ring for fixing, forms one between described cylinder base and ring for fixingIndividual second recess, described second recess and centring ring interference fit;

    Described plastic feet is pressed on the fixing end by described ring for fixingOn seat.

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