A kind of light turning film production technology

A kind of light turning film production technology

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  • Filed: 05/31/2016
  • Issued: 09/24/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/31/2016
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1. a kind of light turning film production technology, which comprises the steps of:

  • Step 1 carries out sided corona treatment in substrate layer surface;

    It is coated with adhesion promoter in step 2, the substrate layer after sided corona treatment, to improve ultraviolet cured adhesive and substrate layerAdhesive force;

    Step 3 is handled the substrate layer after coating adhesion promoter by 72 hours or more high-temperature maturings, high-temperature maturing temperatureIt is 40-50 DEG C;

    Step 4, the shape according to photovoltaic module non-battery panel region, size make the micro- knot of light turning film using UV layout techniqueStructure mother matrix;

    The light turning film micro-structure mother matrix is equipped with several reversed micro-structure items being laterally and/or longitudinally arranged, andSeveral are located at the reversed microstructured area at 4 angles of cell piece, and the reversed micro-structure item and reversed microstructured area are zigzag,Including several reversed micro-structures, the reversed micro-structure has the cross section including at least two side, and reflective layer is covered on micro-On the side of structure, the angle of the length extending direction of the reversed micro-structure and reversed micro-structure item is 0-90 °

    It is described reversedMicro-structure cross section is triangle, and the angle of two sides and bottom surface is 30-75 °

    Reversed micro- knot of the reversed microstructured areaStructure side is and parallel with corresponding cell piece diagonal line towards corresponding cell piece;

    The reversed microstructured area it is reversedMicro-structure cross section is right angled triangle, including inclined-plane, vertical plane and bottom surface, wherein the inclined-plane is towards the reversed micro-structureThe angle of cell piece corresponding to area, the inclined-plane and bottom surface is 30-75 °

    The above-mentioned light turning film micro-structure mother matrix made is coated on UV molding apparatus on stencilling wheel, in substrate layer by step 5The spin coating of adhesion promoter coated face or drop coating ultraviolet light UV solidification glue, by light turning film micro-structure mother matrix to UV lightChange glue to be molded, forms micro-structure after solidification on substrate layer;

    When the light turning film micro-structure mother matrix is coated on UV molding apparatus on stencilling wheel, version slit width degree is controlled in 0.2-Within 0.5mm, the ultraviolet cured adhesive is epoxy acrylate, urethane acrylate or polyester acrylate;

    Ultraviolet lightSolidification rubber coating speed is 10-20m/min, and glue temperature is 40-60 DEG C, molding pressure 1.5-5kg/cm2, the purple of solidificationOuter lamp is mercury lamp or metal halid lamp;

    The micro-structure face of above-mentioned substrate layer is carried out sided corona treatment to further increase its surface tension by step 6;

    Step 7, the vacuum evaporation reflective layer in each micro-structure on substrate layer micro-structure face.

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