The method of manufacture and use thereof of ball head connecting rod formula neck rotator

The method of manufacture and use thereof of ball head connecting rod formula neck rotator

  • CN 106,074,081 A
  • Filed: 06/12/2016
  • Published: 11/09/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/12/2016
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1. a method of manufacture and use thereof for ball head connecting rod formula neck rotator, makes people pass through self arm movableRecover to taking exercise;

  • It is characterized in that;

    this cervical rotation device is by plank bed (1), neck pillow (2), bearing block (3), the helmet (4), swing arm(5), handle (6), bulb (12) and connecting rod (13) are connected to form;

    Plank bed (1) uses the wooden or single plank bed of brandreth;

    Plank bed (1) is connected group by bed board (7), bed frame (8) and footpost (9)Become;

    The width of plank bed (1) is more than the width of human body shoulder;

    Four footposts (9) of plank bed (1) and be arranged on the basis on ground and fixIt is connected as a body;

    The bed board (7) of the plank bed (1) after Xiang Lianing is horizontal;

    Be provided with neck pillow (2) in one end of plank bed (1), neck pillow (2) is made with hard or elastic plastic material;

    Neck pillow (2)Be shaped as the shape of a saddle;

    The groove radian of neck pillow (2) and the physiological curve of human cervical spine match;

    People lies on plank bed (1),Neck pillow (2) has correcting to the cervical vertebra of human body;

    Be provided with bearing block (3) in the front end of plank bed (1), bearing block (3) is fixed on plank bed (1);

    Install in bearing block (3)Having one section of spindle nose (10), spindle nose (10) forms by round steel car system;

    Spindle nose (10) can in bearing block (3) flexible rotating;

    Spindle nose(10) longitudinal axis of human body is faced;

    Having the helmet (4), the helmet (4) in one end of spindle nose (10) connection is to make with hard materialVessel shell, the head of people can be clasped and hold up occipitalia by the helmet (4);

    The top of the helmet (4) and the vertical phase of spindle nose (10)It is connected;

    The helmet (4) after Xiang Lianing is unsettled on plank bed (1);

    The other end at spindle nose (10) connects swing arm (5), swing arm(5) making with one section of lever, swing arm (5) is horizontal and spindle nose (10) is vertically connected integral;

    Being connected to handle (6) on both sides bed frame (8) of plank bed (1), handle (6) the steel pipe bending of one section of circle forms,Bending part at handle (6) is drilled with a hole, and silk hole is through hole, and handle (6) screw is fixed on plank bed (1) by silk holeOn bed frame (8);

    Mounted handle (6) can be at the upper flexible rotating of plank bed (1);

    The end of mounted handle (6) is at pendulumImmediately below the two ends of arm (5);

    It is connected to ball cup (11), the bulb on swing arm (5), handle (6) in two ends, the lower end of handle (6) of swing arm (5)Seat (11) is the most corresponding;

    Ball cup (11) is fixedly linked integral with swing arm (5), handle (6) respectively;

    At each ball cup(11) it is separately installed with bulb (12) in, between the bulb (12) of swing arm (5) and handle (6), is connected to one section of connecting rod(13), two connecting rods (13) pass through ball cup (11), bulb (12) respectively by mutual for the two ends of two handles (6) and swing arm (5)Link into an integrated entity;

    Handle (6) after Xiang Lianing is sling by the connecting rod (13) in swing arm (5);

    Now, the other end of handle (6) is inAbove the chest of human body;

    Using method is;

    during use, and human body lies supine upon on plank bed (1), is extend into by head in the helmet (4), and neck is in neck pillow(2), in cambered surface, both hands grasp the front handle (6) of plank bed (1) both sides respectively, and move handle (6), handle the most back and forth(6) when swinging by connecting rod (13), bulb (12) drives the helmet (4) to do forward and reverse spinning movement, so that being placed on headHead in helmet (4) drives neck to rotate back and forth swing, and this action operates due to oneself, thoroughly solves maneuver when others executes artProblem the heaviest or not in place.

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