A kind of Grab construction method

A kind of Grab construction method

  • CN 106,149,778 B
  • Filed: 07/25/2016
  • Issued: 02/22/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/25/2016
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1. a kind of Grab construction method, including preliminary step, it is characterised in that:

  • its dredging method and system successively include as followsStep;


    construction area dredges preceding measurement;


    grab bucket ship positionning;


    anchor boat casts anchor in position;


    grab bucket is lauched;


    central control room is debugged;


    self propelled barge or so stays position;


    grab bucket work;


    left and right self propelled barge successively ships;


    self propelled barge throws fortune;


    it makes a return voyage and works on;


    sonar system is monitored;


    it sweeps shallow device and sweep shallowly;


    Acceptance Monitoring;


    Grab, which twists anchor displacement, to be continued to construct;

    In the step G, first by loop wheel machine control room to the control action of loop wheel machineIn grab bucket, with the grab bucket being suspended on loop wheel machine wirerope, and by the gravity of its own, opens grab bucket and be thrown into water centainlyDepth cuts mud layer by bucket tooth and closure is grabbed bucket, to excavate and grab silt stone;

    Then by rotary on manipulation shipThe grab bucket for filling silt stone is lifted out water surface certain altitude by turned crane, is circled round to the self propelled barge by berthing on the quarterTop, open grab bucket, the silt stone of excavation is directly discharged into self propelled barge;

    Grab bucket after unstowing, then pass through rotary liftingThe revolution of machine, returns at crawl, carries out next round operation, so cycle operation in cycles;

    Grab regional area has been constructedSonar equipment is voluntarily connected after finishing, the survey of sweeping by sonar equipment to water-bed operating area, position feelings are shallowly put at direct observation water bottomCondition;

    After sweeping survey, directly it is connected to by central control room and sweeps shallow device and rake shallow point position.

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