Crystal glass pen container

Crystal glass pen container

  • CN 106,183,571 A
  • Filed: 05/20/2011
  • Published: 12/07/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/20/2011
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a crystal glass pen container, including:

  • pen container body, described pen container body comprises;

    pen container body upper plane (1), penCylinder body lower part plane (2), and between described pen container body upper plane (1) and described pen container body lower flat (2)Peripheral side (3);

    Wherein, described peripheral side (3) has at least three or the side of more than three and jointly determines describedPeripheral side (3);

    And it is positioned at described pen container body upper plane (1) place, predefine at least on its ad-hoc locationCavity (4);

    Wherein, the entirety of described pen container body is by water white transparency and/or colored translucent and/or coloured opaque waterThe some sheet block colors made by least one or more than one in crystal glass or optical glass or artistic glass are differentSheet material, be bonded by binding agent;

    Or, the entirety of described pen container body, is by least in above-mentioned making materialKind or more than one, by cutting or thermoforming form, it is characterised in that;

    by described pen container body upper plane (1) withCorners that described peripheral side (3) is formed and/or by described pen container body lower flat (2) and described peripheral side(3) corners that formed and/or formed by one of them side of described peripheral side (3) and another sideCorners and/or in the corners formed by the opening part of described cavity (4) and described pen container body upper plane (1),And/or in the corners jointly determined by described groove (9) opening part and described side, be provided with width between 0.5~

    Between 12mm, angle inclined-plane (7) between 15~

    75 degree and/or width cambered surface between 0.5~

    12mm, and,On the predetermined ad-hoc location in each described side, it is provided with at least one or a plurality of the most through describedThe groove (9) of side, and it is adhesively fixed with the component suitable with described groove (9) by binding agent in described groove (9)(8), wherein, described component (8) including;

    an inside face, an exterior face, and wherein, the described inside face of described component (8) is by viscousMixture is adhesively fixed mutually with described groove (9), and, at the described exterior face of described component (8), it is provided with shape, size, deepSpend identical or different several shrinkage pools (5), and in each described shrinkage pool (5), be fixed with suitable with described shrinkage pool (5)Gem (6);

    Wherein, those described gem (6) colors each other can be identical or different respectively.

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