The winding method of a kind of mattress and equipment thereof

The winding method of a kind of mattress and equipment thereof

  • CN 106,184,945 A
  • Filed: 08/29/2016
  • Published: 12/07/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/29/2016
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1. the winding method of a mattress, it is characterised in that described winding method comprises the following steps:

  • Glue-free cotton or the non-woven fabrics of S1;

    the sizes such as use and mattress are laid in the upper and lower both sides of mattress, and make glue-free cotton or non-woven fabricsFix with mattress;


    mattress is nested in a plastic packaging bag with opening, makes mattress be completely in packaging bag;


    mattress is put in pressurizing unit together with plastic packaging bag;


    first start pressurizing unit, makes the stripper plate in pressurizing unit decline compression mattress, and stripper plate declines compression mattressStop declining to certain thickness, then utilize what the air in vacuum extractor extraction mattress made packaging bag to be internally formed vacuumState, finally starts the closing device being arranged on pressurizing unit and seals packaging bag;


    the mattress doubling that will seal up, if Bang Nier sping mattress, then along going here and there the parallel side of spring on coiling machine mattressTo carrying out doubling;

    If the type mattress such as separate packed spring or sponge then may select any direction doubling;

    Again by doublingAfter mattress be inserted in a plastic packaging bag with opening again, then repeat S4 step;


    the mattress of secondary extrusion is sent on winding apparatus by carriage;


    first packaging film is laid on the delivery platform of winding apparatus, packaging film head end winding one circle around winding apparatus aroundOn winding up roller, then make the delivery platform front end on coiler device ramp up to certain altitude, finally start around winding apparatus will be manyIndividual mattress and packaging film are around being rolled into tubular;


    cut off by the packaging film being wrapped on winding up roller and make packaging film fix with mattress, prevents packaging film from coming off;


    start the stripper on winding apparatus, then passes through stripper by the mattress of tubular from the one end around winding up rollerRelease, finally directly will be pushed in the packing box being placed in packing carton rack around the mattress being rolled into tubular.

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