A kind of SCM Based steering engine driving device

A kind of SCM Based steering engine driving device

  • CN 106,200,498 A
  • Filed: 08/30/2016
  • Published: 12/07/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/30/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a SCM Based steering engine driving device, it is characterised in that agent structure includes power module, main control module, stringMouth die block and PWM output module ,+5 in power module and+3.3 ports export with main control module, serial port module and PWM respectivelyPower port corresponding in module connects to provide working power;

  • TXD1 port in main control module and RXD2 port and serial ports mouldRXD1 and TXD1 port in block connects, to realize data communication facility;

    PWM output module is the mould directly driving outside steering wheelBlock, the ten eight-path PWM ports being provided with respectively with the P2.4-P2.7 of main control module, P7.4-P7.7, P4.5, P4.6, P0.0,P0.1, P0.4, P5.2, P6.6-P6.4, P4.0 connect, and change the corner numerical value to steering wheel with reality by the dutycycle changing PWMThe now control to steering wheel action;

    Power module is made up of two groups of decompression converting circuits, to respectively obtain the output of+5V and+3.3VPower supply is supplied respectively to connected functional module;

    Main control module is with STC15W4K60S4 single-chip microcomputer as control core;

    Serial port moduleFor the bringing-out mouth of the USART4 of the STC15W4K60S4 microprocessor in main control module, USART4 is universal synchronous/differentStep serial received/transmitter i.e. P0.2 and P0.3 port, it is possible to realize to the download program of STC15W4K60S4 and with calculatingData communication between machine end host computer;

    The running of described steering engine driving device;

    by steering engine driving device and external power sourceAfter connection, power module supply all modules after external power source being converted into the running voltage that each module needs;

    Main control moduleAfter powering on, advanced horizontal reset operation is to recover to default conditions, required for the program being previously written that then brings into operation generationPwm signal transmission is to PWM output module, and pwm signal is exported to steering wheel by PWM output module by PWM output port, by adjustingThe dutycycle of joint PWM makes steering wheel produce different corners to control steering wheel work;

    Main control module passes through serial port module and calculatingCarrying out serial communication between machine end host computer, computer terminal host computer can read current every dynamic parameter in real time, or to defeatedThe pwm signal parameter gone out is changed in real time, and amended parameter is preserved to the main control module of steering engine driving device, whenBetween main control module and computer terminal host computer after communicating interrupt, steering engine driving device can be according to having been saved in main control moduleIn the outside steering wheel of state modulator complete corresponding actions.

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