A kind of change speed gear box

A kind of change speed gear box

  • CN 106,224,470 A
  • Filed: 02/28/2014
  • Published: 12/14/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/28/2014
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a change speed gear box, the top of casing (1) is provided with upper flange (11), and bottom is provided with lower flange (12), is provided with in casingDividing plate (13), dividing plate is between upper flange and lower flange;

  • It is characterized in that;

    also include speed adjusting gear, under speed adjusting gear passes throughFlange and dividing plate (13) are fixed in casing;

    Speed adjusting gear is coupled with the motor power axle of upper level by the hole on upper flange;

    Speed adjusting gear is coupled with the input splined shaft of next stage reductor by the hole on lower flange;

    Described speed adjusting gear is mainly by tooSun wheel (2), three groups of compound planet gears (3), center shifting slide gear (4), shift fork travelling carriage (5), handle assembly (6), sliding axles(7) form with slip yoke (8);

    The central shaft hole of center shifting slide gear (4) is provided with the spline that the gear with sun gear matches;

    Sun gear (2) mainly power input portion and output gear by integration forms, the output gear of sun gear from upper flange toThe direction of lower flange enters the space dividing plate and lower flange through the perforate on dividing plate, in the power input portion of sun gearHole is provided with the spline for coupling with motor power axle, output gear between three groups of compound planet gears and respectively with theyEngagement;

    Often organize compound planet gear (3), mainly by under the one group of gear (32) connected by a rooted tooth wheel case (31) and one groupGear (33), fixing axle (34), upper bearing (metal) (35) and lower bearing (36) composition;

    Center shifting slide gear (4) middle part is provided with to evaginationThe change-speed gearing gone out, endoporus is provided with, towards one end of upper flange, the input spline that the output gear with sun gear matches, towardsOne end of lower flange is provided with the output spline that the input splined shaft with next stage reductor matches, the input of next stage reductorThe borehole jack that splined shaft is upward through on lower flange is connected on the output spline of center shifting slide gear (4) endoporus;

    Center shifting slide gearThe fixing hole shift fork travelling carriage (5) is inserted from upper flange to the direction of lower flange;

    When needs multi-change speed, in gear groupAnd between lower tooth wheels, add the gear of coaxial many groups different-diameter, on the shifting slide gear of center, install the speed change of correspondence additional simultaneouslyGear train, it becomes possible in the case of input speed is consistent, by moving the position of handle assembly regulation center shifting slide gear, realDifferent gears on the shifting slide gear of existing center engage with corresponding gear train such that it is able to export multiple different rotating speed and accordinglyMoment of torsion.

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