Multiple degrees of freedom hydraulic driving mechanical is used in the carrying of a kind of workshop

Multiple degrees of freedom hydraulic driving mechanical is used in the carrying of a kind of workshop

  • CN 106,239,501 A
  • Filed: 09/28/2016
  • Published: 12/21/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/28/2016
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1. multiple degrees of freedom hydraulic driving mechanical is used in a workshop carrying, it is characterised in that:

  • described mechanical hand is circular cylindrical coordinate formulaMechanical hand, mechanical hand has five degree of freedom, and wherein, the first degree of freedom is that hands grabs opening and closing, and the second degree of freedom is hand revolution, theThree Degree Of Freedom is that arm stretches, and four-degree-of-freedom is arm revolution, and five degree of freedom is arm lifting;

    Described mechanical hand includes hand clamping device, wrist slew gear, telescopic arm mechanism and main body mechanism;

    Described main body mechanism includes pedestal, rotary cylinder, lift cylinders and revoliving arm (1), and rotary cylinder is placed on lift cylinders, revoliving arm(1) being connected with the upper end cover of rotary cylinder, the moving plate of rotary cylinder is connected with cylinder body, cylinder body drive revoliving arm (1) to do gyration,The rotating shaft of rotary cylinder is wholely set with the piston rod of lift cylinders, and piston rod is hollow piston rod, the built-in spline housing of piston rod withSplined shaft coordinates, and piston lifting is guided by splined shaft, and the bottom end cover of splined shaft and lift cylinders is fixed by spline, bottom end cover with setPut the fixing connection of pedestal on the ground;

    Described hand clamping device includes paw (2) and drives paw (2) to do the linear type compression hydraulic cylinder of clamping movement, handsPawl (2) includes referring to seat, two holding fingers and for transmitting the expansion link of compression hydraulic cylinder power, refers to seat and compression hydraulic cylinderCylinder body between fixing connect, the piston rod of compression hydraulic cylinder is in transmission connection with the expansion link of paw (2);

    Described telescopic arm mechanism is double guide post telescopic arm structures, and telescopic arm mechanism includes double guide post hydraulic cylinder (3)And hydraulic cylinder base plate, hydraulic cylinder base plate is fixedly installed on the upper end of revoliving arm (1), and double guide post hydraulic cylinders (3) are arranged on liquidOn cylinder pressure base plate;

    Described wrist slew gear is arranged on the front end of telescopic arm mechanism, is used for connecting hand clamping device and telescopic arm machineStructure, and realize the gyration of hand clamping device, wrist slew gear uses rotating hydraulic cylinder (4) structure to arrange, revolutionScrew and pin is all used to be attached and fixed between stator and the bonnet of hydraulic cylinder (4) and between revolution cylinder body and protecgulumPosition, is bonded between the compression hydraulic cylinder cylinder body in the moving plate of rotating hydraulic cylinder (4) and hand clamping device, when revolution hydraulic pressureWhen two chambeies of cylinder (4) each lead into hydraulic oil, moving plate is driven together with compression hydraulic cylinder cylinder body and to refer to that seat together rotates.

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