The insulator of a kind of surface abrasion resistance and manufacture method thereof

The insulator of a kind of surface abrasion resistance and manufacture method thereof

  • CN 106,242,582 A
  • Filed: 08/15/2016
  • Published: 12/21/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/15/2016
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1. the manufacture method of the insulator of a surface abrasion resistance, it is characterised in that comprise the following steps:

  • 1) raw-material preparation1. the preparation of raw matrix materials, including;

    silica flour 50-60 part of granularity 1-2 μ

    m, straight iron powder 0.1-0.3 part, granularity 1-2 μ

    mYttrium oxide powder 3-8 part, aluminium sesquioxide powder 3-8 part of granularity 1-2 μ

    m, aluminium borate whisker 5-8 part, magnesia powderEnd 3-6 part, enough pure nitrogen gas;

    2. the raw-material preparation of surface wear-resistant layer, including;

    water-borne acrylic resin 7-10 part, the cubic boron nitride of granularity 1-2 μ

    mPowder 2-3 part, pure water 4-5 part, water cross-linking agent 0.1-0.3 part, aqueous adhesive force accelerator 0.1-0.3 part;

    2) preparation of matrix1. by

         1) in step 1. prepare silica flour, straight iron powder, yttrium oxide powder, aluminium sesquioxide powder, aluminium borate whisker,Magnesium oxide powder mix homogeneously, it is thus achieved that mixed material;

    2. the mixed material that 1. step obtains is put into carbon fiber or roughcast tool that pure graphite is made, then roughcast tool is placed in temperatureUnder 1180 DEG C of-1210 DEG C of environment, it is full of in the protective atmosphere of pure nitrogen gas, is incubated 4 days-6 days, it is thus achieved that prefabricated biscuit;

    3. prefabricated biscuit step 2. obtained uses diamond cutter or cubic boron nitride cutting tool by insulator requirement shape chiLittle progress row machining, it is thus achieved that fine blank;

    4. fine blank step 3. obtained is placed under 1480 DEG C of-1530 DEG C of environment of temperature, is full of pure nitrogen gas and air pressure isIn the protective atmosphere of 8Mpa-10Mpa, it is incubated 6h-8h;

    5. after having sintered, furnace cooling when furnace temperature T is not less than 1000 DEG C;

    Furnace temperature T is in 1000 DEG C of half blow-on of 800 DEG C≤

    T <

    Door cooling;

    800 DEG C of air coolings of coming out of the stove of furnace temperature T <

    Air cooling i.e. obtains required matrix to T <

    150 DEG C;

    3) preparation of surface wearable coating emulsion1. by

         1) in the cubic boron nitride powder that 2. prepares of step put in container, be subsequently added 40-50% pure water, with at a high speedVibrating machine vibrates 1.5-2 hour, prepares dispersion liquid;

    2. water-borne acrylic resin is added in the dispersion liquid that 1. step obtains, useHomogenizer is stirred 20-40 minute, prepares complex emulsions;

    The most then by water cross-linking agent and aqueous adhesive force acceleratorAdd in the complex emulsions that 2. step obtains, be stirred mixing, and be uniformly added into remaining pure water, until regulation viscosity is extremely16-18S, i.e. prepares described surface wearable coating emulsion;

    4) insulator finished product is obtained1. by

         3) the surface wearable coating emulsion even application the most repeatedly that obtains is

         2) matrix surface that obtains, sprayBeing coated with number of times is 5-7 time, and dry and hard rear coating thickness is 3 μ

    m-5 μ

    m, it is thus achieved that prefabricated insulator;

    2. prefabricated insulator step 1. obtained is placed under the vacuum environment of 150 DEG C-180 DEG C and carries out bakeing 2h-3h, it is thus achieved that absolutelyEdge semi-finished product;

    3. use diamond abrasive vibrator deburring equipment insulator semi-finished product that 2. step is obtained carry out vibrator deburring andPolishing, i.e. obtains required insulator.

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