Refrigerating plant

Refrigerating plant

  • CN 106,247,666 A
  • Filed: 08/24/2016
  • Published: 12/21/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/24/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a refrigerating plant, it is characterised in that include forming the compressor assembly of refrigerant circulation stream, outdoor heat exchanger, roomInterior heat exchanger and flash vessel, described compressor assembly includes that the first cylinder and the second cylinder, described first cylinder have the first suctionGas passage, described second cylinder has the second air intake passage;

  • Described flash vessel has first interface, the second interface and a gas interface, described first interface and described outdoor heat exchanger itBetween be in series with first throttle element, be in series with second section fluid element between described second interface and described indoor heat exchanger, describedGas interface is connected with described second air intake passage, and one of them in described indoor heat exchanger and described outdoor heat exchanger is for steamingSending out device and another is condenser, described vaporizer connects with described first air intake passage, and the temperature of wherein said flash vessel isT, the temperature of described vaporizer is Te, the throttling unit being positioned at upstream in described first throttle element and described second section fluid elementThe inlet temperature of part is Tco,When described refrigerating plant runs, by adjusting at least one in described first throttle element and described second section fluid elementAperture make temperature T of described flash vessel meet following relation;




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