A kind of outside sprout-cultivating-bottle method of Fructus Pruni pseudocerasi tissue cultured seedling

A kind of outside sprout-cultivating-bottle method of Fructus Pruni pseudocerasi tissue cultured seedling

  • CN 106,258,958 A
  • Filed: 08/08/2016
  • Published: 01/04/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/08/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the outside sprout-cultivating-bottle method of a Fructus Pruni pseudocerasi tissue cultured seedling, it is characterised in that:

  • include the take root clip of material, the standard of facility of taking rootStandby, the configuration of nutritional solution, the cuttage of culturing young plants, period management of taking root, seedling exercising period management, point plant period management step;

    A, the preparation of outside sprout-cultivating-bottle facility;

    neatly putting the high nutritive cube of high 10cm-12cm in flat pallet container, alms bowl is built-inEnter the Vermiculitum of 4cm-6cm, make Vermiculitum surfacing, pallet injects nutritional solution of taking root, and allows nutritional solution all be impregnated with Vermiculitum;

    B, the clip of material of taking root;

    the expanding propagation Fructus Pruni pseudocerasi subculture tissue cultured seedling of more than 30 days is transported in greenhouse, with tweezers from culture mediumMiddle taking-up plexi seedling, cuts base portion callus on operating board, is cut into the individual plant seedling of long 1.5cm-2.5cm, plucks basePortion 2-4 sheet lobule, loads in container, with cutting with inserting;

    C, culturing young plants cuttage;

    the individual plant seedling sheared is inserted ready flat pallet container by 2cm ×

    2 cm line spaceIn interior nutritive cube, after sticking with a flat pallet container, by White plastic film, nutritive cube mouth is covered, make seedling be placed in nutritionIn the space relatively closed in alms bowl, the flat pallet container sticking with seedling is neatly placed in heliogreenhouse, then at flat palletContainer injects the high nutritional solution of taking root of 1cm-2cm, carries out root culture;

    D, period management of taking root;

    take root the stage after culturing young plants cuttage, temperature indoor temperature is maintained between 20-30 DEG C, and humidity keepsMore than 80%;

    E, seedling exercising period management;

    root culture, after 20 days, is observed situation of taking root, when seedling base portion bears fasciculate root, cleared out palletIn moisture content, throw off after being cultivated for 4-6 days the plastic sheeting on nutritive cube or nutritive cube is moved to ground cultivate, in greenhouse70% sunshade net shelters from heat or light, and humidity is maintained at more than 80% management;

    F, point cultivation period management;

    when the little seedling leaf in nutritive cube turns green, thickening, during root system acceleration of growth, move into seedling individual plantSubstrate is in the nutritive cube of soil and decomposed manure, waters permeable in time, makes nursery stock gradually adapt to open country growing environment, wait seedling longDuring to 5cm-10cm, band soil mud enters land for growing field crops, with reference to field seedling raising management by methods.

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