Preparation method of water-based fast dry low VOC alkyd paint

Preparation method of water-based fast dry low VOC alkyd paint

  • CN 106,366,881 A
  • Filed: 08/31/2016
  • Published: 02/01/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/31/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of preparation method of the quick-drying low voc alkyd paint of aqueouss is it is characterised in that comprise the following steps:

  • (1) preparation of quick-drying alkide resin;

    quick-drying alkide resin includes the component of following parts by weight;

    linoleic acid 26~

    36Part, 5~

    12 parts of benzoic acid, 20~

    23 parts of tetramethylolmethane, 19~

    22 parts of phthalic anhydride, 3~

    5 parts of reflux solvent, diluted solvent 15~

    23Part, the 70% of linoleic acid total amount, benzoic acid, tetramethylolmethane, phthalic anhydride and reflux solvent are added in reactor, is to slowly warm up to210 DEG C, after controlling 2 hours, it is warming up to 220 DEG C;

    Then it is incubated 1~

    3 hour at 220~

    230 DEG C again, be cooled to 180 DEG C afterwards,Put into remaining linoleic acid again, be warming up to 230 DEG C, be incubated 2 hours;

    Finally cool to 180 DEG C again, add diluted solvent, stirringIt is cooled to 50 DEG C, obtain quick-drying alkide resin;

    (2) preparation of alkyd emulsion;

    take 40~

    50 parts of the quick-drying alkide resin obtaining in step (1) to add emulsifying kettle for base materialIn, open stirring, heat up, add the high molecular emulsifying that 4~

    5 parts of mass fractions are 10% after temperature reaches 70~

    75 DEG CAgent solution, 1.2~

    1.5 parts of nonionic emulsifiers and 4~

    5 parts of mass fractions are 10% anionic emulsifying agent solution, stir 30 pointsClock, is then slowly added dropwise 30~

    39 parts of 70~

    75 DEG C of deionized water 40~

    60 minutes, after being further continued for stirring 10~

    15 minutesIt is cooled to room temperature, obtain alkyd emulsion;

    (3) preparation of water alcohol acid coating;

    by 10~

    25 parts of deionized waters, 0.3~

    0.7 part of dispersion of 0.05~

    0.1 part of defoamerAfter agent and 10~

    25 parts of pigment mixing, 20~

    30min is disperseed with the rotating speed of 500~

    700r/min, grinding makes fineness reach 35 μ

    m,Squeeze into painting tank;

    It is subsequently adding 55~

    67 parts of alkyd emulsions to stir, disperse 10 with the rotating speed of 500~



    Add 1~

    1.5 part of rheological agent, 0.3~

    0.5 part of drier, 0.15~

    0.2 part of anti skinning agent, 0.3~

    0.7 partDust-proofing agent, stirs 25~

    35min with the rotating speed of 500~

    700r/min, filters and can get water alcohol acid coating.

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