Facial mask with moisture retaining, nourishing and physical therapy effects and preparation method thereof

Facial mask with moisture retaining, nourishing and physical therapy effects and preparation method thereof

  • CN 106,377,465 A
  • Filed: 11/22/2016
  • Published: 02/08/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/22/2016
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1. a kind of facial film with moisturizing and nourishing physiotherapy function is it is characterised in that this facial film comprises following component by percent massThan(

  • %)

    It is calculated as:

    Red wine extract 1.0-40.0, the hyaluronic acid of high molecular or/and hyaluronate 0.01-5.0, middle moleculeThe hyaluronic acid of amount or/and hyaluronate 0.01-8.0, the hyaluronic acid of low-molecular-weight or/and hyaluronate 0.01-10.0th, collagen protein 0.01-10.0, collagen peptide 0.01-8.0, Vc 0.01-5.0, Ve 0.01-5.0, Vb50.01-8.0th, nicotiamide 0.01-5.0, taurine 0.01-5.0, arginine 0.01-5.0, lysine 0.01-5.0, glutamic acid 0.01-5.0th, lactate 0.01-5.0, citric acid 0.01-5.0, ubiquinone100.01-5.0, the polyglutamic acid of high molecular or/and poly- paddyThe polyglutamic acid of propylhomoserin salt 0.01-4.0, the polyglutamic acid of middle-molecular-weihydroxyethyl or/and polyglutamate 0.01-6.0, low-molecular-weightOr/and polyglutamate 0.01-12.0, trehalose 0.01-9.0, malic acid 0.01-8.0, tartaric acid 0.01-8.0, glycerol0.0001-10.0, xanthan gum 0.01-8.0, sodium alginate 0.01-6.0, potassium sorbate 0.01-2.0 and solvent:

    Medical mineral waterSurplus;

    Described Red wine extract elite is to be obtained by following processes:

    A. grape material screening test grape variety adopt that the summer is black, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mei Lu often, Cabernet franc, Cabernet Gernischt, Xi La or plusThe Folium Styracis Suberifoliae such as U.S. make red wine Fructus Vitis viniferae, and grape material is that disease-free, clean nothing is rotted and fringe shape is typical intact neat, and fruit grain is ripe allEven;

    B. the method that destemming crushes after crushing and adopting first destemming when grape material destemming crushes is with cleared as far as possible carpopodium;

    C. the Fructus Vitis viniferae pulp after fermentation skin crushes directly squeezes into fermentation tank with pump, then, inoculation fermentation, fermentation temperature 15-32DEG C, fermentation time 15-60 days, in pol(

    With glucose meter)

    During less than 11g/L, terminate fermentation;

    D. skin slag separates and squeezing fermentation ends, allows clear liquid naturally to flow in the hermetic container outside tank, clear liquid is separated with skin slagAfterwards, skin slag is squeezed, the mash squeezing out is mixed with the clear liquid isolated;

    E. natural sedimentation is collected red wine elite that the whole mash after fermentation ends are placed in settling tank sedimentation 7-21 days is laggardRow solid-liquid separation, collects solid-state Red wine extract;

    F. differential centrifugation is collected red wine elite and is carried out again the supernatant after upper step solid-liquid separation using differential centrifugationSettlement separate;

    G. the clear liquid that supernatant cold treatment obtains after separating differential centrifugation pumps into refrigerated cylinder, in wine 1-5 above freezingDEG C freezing processing 1-7 days;

    H. the wine after cold treatment is adopted tubular type/disk centrifugal technology to carry out solid-liquid separation to enter by tubular type/disk centrifugalOne step collects red wine elite;

    I. clear liquid after tubular type/disk centrifugal is carried out nanofiltration by nanofiltration and reverse osmosiss again and red wine essence is extracted in reverse osmosiss furtherChina;

    J. the Red wine extract of preparation is carried out homogenize process to obtain homogeneous product by homogenizing;

    K. check the inspection that the Red wine extract of preparation is carried out the indexs such as physics and chemistry and health;

    L. bottle and qualified Red wine extract elite bottling will be checked standby;

    Compound in the Red wine extract and above-mentioned formula that prepare said method and solvent adopt a kind of gentle technique skillArt method can be made into the convenient facial film with moisturizing and nourishing physiotherapy function being suitable for.

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