Forcing culture method of hydroponic tulip

Forcing culture method of hydroponic tulip

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  • Filed: 08/30/2016
  • Published: 02/15/2017
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1. a kind of forcing culture method of water planting Flos Tulipae Gesnerianae is it is characterised in that include:

  • (1) bulb is chosen and is disinfectedChoose the early blossoming of suitable forcing culture after 5 DEG C of K cryogenic treatment and/or middle colored class imported from Holland commodity bulb, and Zhou JingFor more than 12cm, peel off the yellowish-brown crust outside kind of ball, the potassium permanganate solution with 0.5~

    1% soaks 20~

    30 minutesDisinfection.(2) root is urged to processPrepare original nursery Vermiculitum as urging foundation matter, root Medium Culture, planting depth are urged in the bulb sterilized embedmentFor the 1/2~

    2/3 of spheroid, the top of bulb is higher than to urge foundation matter, foundation matter will be urged to irrigate with water, in 8~

    12 DEG C of dark ringPlace 2~

    3 days under border, keep ventilation, when the root hair of bulb grows to 2~

    3cm, bulb is taken out from Vermiculitum, is rushed with waterWash away except root hair surface Vermiculitum.(3) prepare the nutritional solution containing Ce elementsPreparation nitric acid calcium concentration is 250~

    300mg/L, nitric acid potassium concn is 100~

    130mg/L, biphosphate potassium concn is 80~

    120mg/L, magnesium sulfate concentration are 80~

    100mg/L, Ce3+Concentration is the nutritional solution of 2~

    5mg/L, and the pH value of nutritional solution is 6.3~

    6.5, the Ce in nutritional solution3+The compound of main source cerium.(4) water planting plantationThe tulip seed balls growing 2~

    3cm root hair are put in the nutritional solution that step 3 is prepared, are placed on room temperature and are 13~

    15 DEG C,Under conditions of intensity of illumination is 4000~

    6000LX, after growing second leaf, room temperature is promoted to 18~

    20 DEG C, illumination is strongSpend for 6000~

    8000LX, in whole process, air humidity is maintained at 50~

    65%, changed 1/2 nutritional solution every 5~

    7 days.

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