Device for packaging and applying a liquid composition

Device for packaging and applying a liquid composition

  • CN 106,413,466 A
  • Filed: 12/09/2014
  • Published: 02/15/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/30/2013
  • Status: Active Application
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1. it is used for packing and coating the device (10,110,210) of liquid phase ingredient (14,114,214), it is right that described liquid phase ingredient comprisesThe solid particle (52,152,252) of magnetic-field-sensitive, described device includes:

  • - it is used for accommodating the container (12,112,212) of liquid phase ingredient (14,114,214);

    - applicator (16,116,216), can be arranged on container (12,112,212), and include bar (26,126,226) withAnd the applicator head (28,128,228) being integrally formed with bar (26,126,226) one end, when applicator (16,116,216) is installedWhen container (12,112,212) is upper, bar (26,126,226) and applicator head (28,128,228) be suitably inserted into container (12,112nd,

         212) in;

    And- for channel washer (26,126,226) cleaning device (40,140,240), be arranged in container (12,112,212),It is characterized in that, the bar (26,126,226) of applicator (16,116,216) includes producing the magnetic parts in magnetic field(42,142,242), when described magnetic field is at least in resting position, be suitable for the described solid particle of at least a portion (52,152,252) attract and be maintained on bar (26,126,226), when applicator (16,116,216) is arranged on container (12,112,212)When, described magnetic parts (42,142,242) is prolonged at least along a part of region (46,146,246) of bar (26,126,226)Stretch, described region extends between applicator head (28,128,228) and cleaning device (40,140,240),And wherein, liquid phase ingredient (14,114,214) includes transparent and/or translucent liquid phase (48,148,248).

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