Swimming pool pump impeller

Swimming pool pump impeller

  • CN 106,438,453 A
  • Filed: 08/09/2016
  • Published: 02/22/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/09/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a kind of swimming pool impeller of pump it is characterised in that:

  • Described impeller includes impeller blade (1), and the top of described impeller blade (1) setsBe equipped with impeller protective cover (2), described impeller protective cover (2) has inlet cylinders (3), described inlet cylinders (3) cylindricalOn side face, circumference is evenly equipped with several wear-resisting concave grooves (4);

    Described inlet cylinders (3) inwall is connected with sand control filter disc(5), described sand control filter disc (5) is circle, and described sand control filter disc (5) includes circular discs bottom (501) and porous disk cover;

    DescribedThe circle centre position at circular discs bottom (501) has the through hole (506) of the 1/10-1/20 of a diameter of described circular discs bottom (501) diameter, instituteState and stainless steel cloth (507) is stamped on through hole (506), the mesh diameter of described stainless steel cloth (507) is less than 15 microns, instituteThe periphery (508) of the stainless steel cloth (507) stated is welded on described circular discs bottom (501);

    Around described circular discs bottom (501)The center of circle be evenly distributed with several eddy flows storage sand launder (502);

    The aperture that described eddy flow stores up sand launder (502) is described through hole(506) 1/4-1/8 in aperture;

    The center of circle around described circular discs bottom (501) is evenly distributed with several cylindrical projections(503);

    The axis of described and described projection (503) is arranged with respect to circular discs bottom (501) place planar tilt;

    DescribedThe incline direction of projection (503) is consistent;

    The inclination angle (504) of described inclination is 40-60 °

    The top of described projection (503) is closeSpace is left between described disk cover, and the described top of projection (503) and described disk cover.

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