Edible fungi box-type culture method

Edible fungi box-type culture method

  • CN 106,489,535 A
  • Filed: 12/08/2016
  • Published: 03/15/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/08/2016
  • Status: Active Application
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1. edible fungi box-type culture method, it is characterised in that including procedure below:

  • (1) compost prepares:

    Species difference according to bacterium prepares compost;

    Compost is required to fresh nothing and goes mouldy;

    (2) spice, different according to the species of bacterium, moisture and acid-base value is adjusted after compost is stirred;

    (3) pack, culture bacterium bag adopts polyethylene knuckle bag, the material that mixes is loaded culture bag, work loading height is 18-20 liRice;

    (4) sterilize, using normal-pressure sterilization, kept for 12 hours when temperature reaches 100 DEG C, then stewing 12 hours;

    (5) it is inoculated with, when material temperature drops to 30 DEG C, inoculation is aseptically inoculated with, carries out in super-clean bench or inoculation account;

    (6) send out bacterium, send out bacterium when room temperature be maintained at 24 DEG C to 26 DEG C, control indoor humidity below 70%, send out bacterium duringThe sack of pollution is checked in time, in case infecting;

    (7) taking off in packed cartonning, 15 days being further cultured for after bacterium bag covers with mycelia, it is possible to slough sack, bacterium rod is uprightly arranged in orderIt is listed in cultivation case, for smooth, the first soil in 1 cm thick of bottom layer overlay in fruiting face;

    (8) banket earthing;

    Using medium loam, before earthing, the stewing heap of native disease is mixed with carbendazim and dichlorvos, kills antibacterial and worm'"'"'s ovum,Add 0.5% micro- fertilizer;

    (9) mycelia restoration ecosystem there is mycelia kink, note adjusting moisture in this stage, apply that micro- spray is uniform to spray water, the palmHold principle multiple on a small quantity, the humidity for keeping overburden layer suitable holds that soil is agglomerating, and the landing of 10 cm heights is scattered and is advisable;

    (10) conventional management of producing mushroom;

    The fruiting stage notes maintaining the temperature at 18 DEG C -20 DEG C, and relative air humidity is maintained at 80%-90%;

    Coordinate ventilation and moisturizing.

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