Water surface floater intercepting device

Water surface floater intercepting device

  • CN 106,522,180 B
  • Filed: 09/15/2015
  • Issued: 07/27/2021
  • Est. Priority Date: N/A
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. Marine surface of water floater intercepting device, including interception net, cursory (7), fixed heavy object (10) and weight thing (12), its characterized in that:

  • the intercepting net comprises an upper layer intercepting net (15) and a lower layer intercepting net (16), the upper layer intercepting net (15) is folded to cover the buoy (7), the buoy (7) is wrapped in the upper layer intercepting net (15) at intervals, the topmost end of the folded upper layer intercepting net (15) is provided with a net head (1), the upper layer intercepting net is relatively provided with two auxiliary headropes (4), the two auxiliary headropes (4) which are relatively arranged are bolted together to enable the net head (1) to be positioned right above the buoy (7), and the lower layer intercepting net (16) is connected to the auxiliary headropes (4);

    a fixed weight (10) for fixing the whole interception device is arranged on the net rope (1);

    the upper-layer intercepting net (15) covers the buoy (7), the net body of the upper half part of the buoy (7) adopts a single-layer net with a knot net (5), the net body of the rest part adopts a double-layer net with the knot net (5) and a non-knot net (6) in combination, the lower-layer intercepting net (16) is hung or tied on the auxiliary rope (4), long ropes (8) are arranged on the buoy (7) and the auxiliary rope (4), and the tail ends of the long ropes (8) are connected with the pendant (12);

    the long rope (8) is wound on the intercepting net between the auxiliary rope (4) and the falling object (12), the tail end of the long rope (8) is connected with the net bag (9), and the falling object (12) is arranged in the net bag (9);

    the tail end of the upper layer interception net (15) is provided with a blocking net (17), and the length of the blocking net (17) is larger than the distance between the joints of the lower layer interception net (16) and the auxiliary rope (4);

    the bottommost ends of the blocking net (17) and the lower-layer intercepting net (16) are respectively provided with a base line (13), and the base line (13) is provided with a pendant (11);

    the net twine (1) is provided with a wireless sensor node (3), the wireless sensor node (3) comprises a temperature sensor and/or a humidity sensor, and the wireless sensor node (3) transmits monitored data to a monitoring center in real time through a wireless communication module;

    the buoy (7) is a hollow totally-enclosed metal or resin material product, and the buoy and/or a floating ball are adopted in the buoy (7);

    the fixed weight (10) adopts a poured cement block or a metal block.

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